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    Hello everyone,
    unlike most guys I had not really worried about my hair loss. I was 37 when I started to loose my hair, mainly my hair line started to reciede and a patch on the top of my head but I just kept my hair short using my clippers and I thought it looked ok. Until about 4 years ago when on holiday I fell asleep on the beach and burnt my head quite badly. It peeled and was very pink. After my tan faded I notice freckle like spots on my head, like you see on old people. On holiday a few months later I notice my head didnt tan like the rest of my body and just turned pink and the freckles returned. Aparently they were pigment in my skin that didnt get burnt. I hated how it looked and it did make me look years older. I tried fake tan to try blend my head with the rest of my skin but its didnt work. But I really noticed how awful it looked, I hated it. It really began to get me down, I was so conciouse of how it looked and noticed people looking at it when we talked. I was so depressed and would wear a cap. But at work I couldnt and people would comment and call me waffle head. I go abroard a lot but it got so I wouldnt go in the sun incase it turned my head pink and freckly again. I thought long and hard about the scalp treatment and wondered how it would take on my burnt scalp. It had been a few years since I last let my head see the sun and although the dark freckles were still there I decided to get the treatment. Ill go more into the treatment process later but I have had the treatment 2 months ago and wow it looks fantastic. I have a hairline back and no bald patch. I feel and look younger. Ive joined a gym and have become a completely different person. I told my work colleagues I was having it done and every single one of them is impressed. Ive had no bad comments. I keep being told how well im looking and I look ten years younger. To anyone thinking about the treatment. Do not hesitate, it will be the best thing you ever do. I can not express how it has changed my life. I have just returned from abroad and I feel and look so healthy. I used facter 50 on my head and covered it when sun bathing. I did notice I got a lot of people giving me the eye and for the first time in years I went clubbing. I love my new look. Best thing I have ever done.


    Great to hear Allan2309.


    That’s great news Allan the treatment is fantastic and life changing


    That sounds like an awful situation you were in. Cannot understand why people would start calling you names? How cruel people can be.

    Really pleased getting this treatment done has made things better for you. It certainly did for me.


    Thanks guys for all your comments. It has certainly changed my life for the better. Im a totally different more confident person.
    A big thankyou to Damon at the Manchester based office. From my first meeting I was made so welcome and I also met a client who had just had his third treatment. He looked really good. I had never met the guy before but I was shown his before pictures and he was completely bald. Now he looked like he had just shaved a full head of hair. I new I had made the right decision. Damon was fantastic, a real professional, he had the treatment done a few years ago and he told me all about what he had gone through before. From when he started loosing his hair to how he is now. He is so caring at what he does and takes pride in his work. He can truely understand how you feel and how apprehensive you feel because he has been there. I can not thank him enough for my new look. On my second session, I arrived and Damon had injured his back, the poor guy he could hardly move, he was in so much pain. I was thinking about cancelling the appointment and making it for another time, but he wouldn’t hear none it. And insisted on doing my treatment. He said he understood how important it was for me and even though he was in total agony he stood there for 4 hours and did my treatment. A true professional. A credit to the company. Many people wouldnt have even turned up for work in so much pain. After my third and last session I was shown my before and final pictures. What a shock, I had almost forgot how bad my head really looked. To see the two comparisons together, wow what a difference, it was1000 times better than I could ever have imagined. I walked out of there with my head held high.
    A massive thank you to Damon. To anyone thinking about the treatment, go see damian at the Manchester office, you can not ask for a better quality of care and service. Have a chat with him and im sure he will put your mind at ease. If anyone knows how it feels to loose your hair and understands it’s Damon.


    Well done Allan2309. Always nice to see another great story.

    It sounds like you had a rough ride with the skin damage but fantastic to hear that this treatment has helped.

    Welcome to the Skalp Crew.


    Fantastic read and I can feel your hurt with what you went through. Glad to hear that everything has been improved by having this treatment.

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