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    Hi guys,

    I’m freaking out right now. I done SMP to add density to my Hair. I was so satisfied after the first session because it looked so perfect. But after the second session, I washed now my hair and I’m shocked because of some big dots.

    The technician said it’s normal, they gonna fade within a week and after third session everything gonna look perfect and I’m not gonna be able to see any big dot.

    To be honest I was so satisfied after the first session but now I start to regret why I did this.

    What should I do? I’m freaking out


    Here are the pics after the First and Second Session


    Akett, you can trust Skalp to advise you on the best type of treatment to suit your head shape and to frame your face.

    I can assure you the pigment fades over a few weeks while it settles. The third session with perfect the look and blend in with your own hair. They can use a finer needle if you prefer, which will produce smaller dots. The combo of smaller and larger dots adds authenticity in my opinion.

    SMP looks even better when you wet shave all over so you have the buzz cut look. Try it, if you don’t like it then your hair will grow back in a couple of days.

    Hope this helps.



    Hello Akett,

    Thank you for your post but this forum is for the use of clients that have had their treatment done at Skalp clinics.

    The treatment does look very patchy and the dots do look rather large, we would advise you go back the clinic you had your treatment at and get reassurance from them, to be honest a 3rd session from the same practitioner that did the first 2 sessions will not be able to fix the treatment.

    SMP should only be performed by highly trained practitioners, we know there is a lot of practitioners that have done a few days training, then claim to be able to offer natural results like Skalp but sadly that is not the case. We are seeing a increased number people coming to Skalp asking for us to fix bad treatments because they have gone to inexperienced, budget clinics.

    We would love to help but would need to give it some time to see if the pigment fades enough then send us photos, or have the pigment removed.



    Man I hope the dots get smaller and it fades, this is why I would only trust skalp with doing my head. Sure skalp help you out once it fades.


    Dude this is why you do your research! you should of gone to skalp, it’s on your head this is one thing you don’t go to an inexperienced or budget clinic. Hope you get it fixed.

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