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    Hi all,
    Been looking into smp for ages and was going to use HIS but found this site and felt confident about it,
    I have a worry that people will notice the smp, especially after the first treatment as dotty in some pics. I currently use dermmatch which I haven’t always maybe last few months which people haven’t noticed even when ive prompted them. I think using that will make it far less obvious, that’s the idea anyways.

    I work in a office where people do take the p which is fine but not sure about them noticing this, either way im really keen to get this done as I prefer the look just want it permanent and less restrictive.
    I have attached a pic which left is before and right after derm, I will aim for as natural as possible as im in my thirties.



    I have a few days off work so hopefully 48hrs will be enough for it to settle down as being off work is hard. I do have some hair on top but more fuzzy.



    When you get it done you think everyone is going to stare at you but they just don’t, session 1 is nice and subtle once the redness goes down, about 12 hours after for me so 48 you should be fine



    Thanks for your reply Ryan, I don’t mind as much after the second one as looks good will see I guess. Im thinking no one will notice as although it will look better than dermmatch by a long way it wont be a change in shape more just looking real up very close and water proof haha.



    MRFT I also use dermmatch and i’m nearly positive i’ll be booking for SMP next month. I’m hoping as well it will look even better than dermmatch. I’m already happy with how that looks so if it’s even better and more realistic i’ll be so happy. No one has ever asked me what am i using on my head with regards to the dermmatch and I only wear it at weekends too so people see me both before and after.



    Hi. I had my SMP done around fifteen months ago. Before that, like you, I wore dermatch to give the shaved head. Like your picture shows it did a job and not one person said a thing. However, I can’t tell you how much better SMP is. The freedom it brings you just can’t appreciate. I can’t believe how restricted I felt by dermatch and paranoid of how it looked, constantly checking the mirror, worried about sweating, raining etc.

    I was convinced everyone would know when I had my SMP done. When I saw how much better it looked, even after session 1, I was sure they must as it looked so much better. However, I went to a family party 48 hrs and no one said a thing. Not parents, siblings, friends nobody. Then to this day no one has ever said a thing. Enjoy your life is about to get so much better



    Hi, I’m preparing myself to shave my head for the first time, I am intending on getting SMP done but was thinking of trying dermatch to help me get used to the look. What’s the best way to apply it to get it to look as good as your pictures?



    Thanks for all your replays so far really helpful I’m pretty nervous and excited.

    Dodgy I just dab on dry to be honest cover the whole area and then dap it all to blend so less patchy, it’s really easy and only takes five-ten mins max, I then use a Matt finish makeup hold spray to help stop it smudging. I use the dark brown one which has a grey tinge which matches my hair colour pretty well. It’s a little restrictive as in heavy rain or someone rubbing your head could make it smudge so I like the idea of smp for more realism and just I wouldn’t need to think about anything afterwards.

    I will keep you all updated as first session this week 🙂



    So had my first session yesterday all went well, I went for very natural hairline but might bring to more a peak and fill the sides a bit, attached a pic from just now most of the redness has gone. I’m looking more forward to session to as it will fill in the hair a lot more and blend.



    Looks a lot better than the dermatch even after session 1, bet it’s nice not having to put the derm on all the time, going to look even better after session 2 and 3, can’t wait to see the pics



    I had my final treatment on the 13/01/17 at the Manchester Clinic. The welcome and expertise from Dean and Marcin is second to none. I contacted several companies offering SMP, but from results I had seen and because no hard sales tactics were deployed I went with Skalp.
    I had my treatment from Dean, I decided to ask him to craft my hairline the hairline he gave me is a realistic and youthful one.
    I noticed results from the very first treatment with more density added on the second fill. The final treatment added more density again and some final tweaks and blending.
    The finished result is awesome some my friends asked how I managed to grow my hair back as I was totally bald on top, the ones I told were blown away.
    My family were impressed and cant imagine me without hair. its so realistic even close up its almost impossible even for me to tell it from real hair, its a complement when people don’t notice but say you look younger. I am 39 and its knocked years off me according to comments I get even from people who don’t know I have had the treatment.
    The treatment does not really hurt at all and I was worried about this but at most it might be a 3 – 4 out of 10 – just a tiny pin prick sensation.
    I will download some photos.
    In my opinion the Skalp guys are the best in the business, and I did a lot of research.
    I would urge anyone thinking about it to go for it.
    Thanks to the Skalp team for the friendly upbeat atmosphere and great service and to Dean for your attention to detail, expertise and advice.



    I have my second session very soon will post pics in a few days, overall happy with the first so far the only thing is people have noticed I don’t know why but where I work (office) people stand over me :/ I just admitted I had it done and to be honest everyone thinks it looks really good / real. Really hoping second session will make it look a lot better and blend better which im pretty sure it will do.



    Okay had the second session and looks so much better, ditched dermmatch now as no longer needed. I have attached a pic this is 48hrs after second session so still a little red and greasy as using the cream still they recommend. Sorry about the bright lighting seems all lights around me are bright!! happy chappy so far.



    Looking good MRFT, will look super natural when it’s settled down, that stuff they give you to moisturise with is very greasy lol, does the job though



    How’s it looking now its settled MRFT?

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