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    Well I went for my consultation a few weeks back and I must say I was blown away with the treatment . It’s ok putting example photos on Internet that could be easily altered so going and seeing it in real life was the test for me ..
    Me and my girlfriend went down and met Marcin , we asked questions , we scrutinised the treatment , even to the point of cm’s away from Marcins head with our hands all over his head , poor guy ha ..
    I was impressed though , very impressed actually ..

    So I booked myself in and I’m really looking forward to getting it done. One question though , so I need to shave my head real short before I get to the clinic or do they prefer to do it ? .. Was thinking As I’m naturally not that dark how do they match shade if its really short and can’t really see my original hair ..

    I will keep you all posted and put pics up before during and after ..

    Cheers …

    And thanks Marcin , great consultation. I didn’t tell you I had an appointment at His after skalps consultation .. I won’t go into the rushed , non personal , very brief consultation I had there but for me there was no comparison , In my opinion skalp came out on top in every area .. It was a no brainer to have my treatment booked with skalp.


    Before pics of my egg in a birds nest ..
    And the skalp mock up .. I quite like the mock up hairline , think I’ll ask for something like that …


    hi markyh uk
    welcome to skalp
    i only had consultation at skalp, but I’ve heard and read about similar experiences you had elsewhere
    i think you made the right decision coming to skalp.
    customer service is 2nd to none
    where are you based , i see you having it done with with damon, i take it that will be in manchester.
    i had all my treatments with damon, you are in safe hands, in fact the same can be said about all practitioners.
    with regards to colour match , damon will sort you out.
    they blend down into your own hair, and can match very well.
    once you are finished you won’t see where smp blends into your own hair
    as you will need to shave head every 1 or 2 days best to get used to doing it by starting now. and more importantly keep moisturising to get head in tip top condition


    Ok cheers ,
    Should I have it freshly shaved for the treatment day


    I was advised to Shave my head down the evening before. They will shave it further down on the day if needed.

    Good luck with your treatment markyh_uk you won’t regret it.


    Ok thanks curly….

    Benjamin Kramer

    Damon treated me. You will look great 🙂

    Goss Boy

    Hi Marky,
    your mock up takes years off you.
    I too have found the guys at Skalp really show compassion for the clients.
    Everyone I have met there has had the treatment so they know what it is like to be bald.
    What I have read and seen on here I know Damon will give you a great treatment.
    Damon’s hairlines are fantastic . Very natural looking.
    I am excited for you. Can wait to see the results !
    Merry Christmas to each and every one of you.
    Remember you’re only a few dots away from a full head of hair!


    My treatment started in January this year and I had my 3rd treatment in November
    I’ve also popped in for assessments in between
    This is down to me having bad skin . It’s all great now
    But from start to finish Damon as been very patient with me , and never once give up or rushed to get me finished
    I know I would not have got this anywhere else,
    Me and the missus called in last week to see Damon and took him a Xmas card and a bottle of Xmas cheer. I told him it was a thank you for everything he had done for Me,
    Including giving me my life back ,
    He was taken back and said there was no need as he was only doing his job ,
    I told him that he goes above and beyond his job, taking time to talk and not rushing us out,
    His job is to ink our bald heads , but Damon and the rest of practitioners always go that extra mile
    So that is why I will always recommend scalp above everyone else.
    Anyone still not sure where to go , have a look at other SMP forums and see what people are writing then make a decision , but I bet my wages you will come back here
    Happy Christmas everyone


    All the best with your treatment 🙂


    Well just had my second treatment today .. All has gone well . Love the results so far , actually I was pretty happy after the first session .

    So first session was a base , getting a bit of a foundation down . Didn’t really hurt although I did sneeze a lot , great for if you gave a cold , as you’ll be cured by end of session..
    It looks quite sharp and stands out at first but after a few days it calms down and looks pretty natural , a bit like you have hair but going thin ..

    Second session I wanted Damon to tweak a couple of things although he had planned to do exactly what I wanted tweaking anyway .. A little less straight and lowered just a touch , I must admit my mind change quite of few times over the first week , as it fades it changes the look so be patient and just see how it goes over the following days and then decide if tweaks are needed ..

    So I’m really happy how it’s gone so far , I’m a little red from today’s session but can’t wait over the next few days for it to calm down and really take effect .. Everyone ive shown has been amazed , even after session one .

    Damon is a good guy who makes customer satisfaction his priority . He’s helpful , calming and assuring , I felt at ease and relaxed the whole time …

    So I’ll enjoy my new hair and look forward to session 3 in a few weeks ..

    Cheers Damon .

    I’ll post some week 1 and week 2 pics


    Session 1


    Session 2 still slightly red , I’ll get some more when it’s settled


    Markyh_uk after session 2 photos.


    Great start Marky.

    Takes me back to my treatment.

    Good times ahead for you.

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