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    Goss Boy

    Hi Marky,
    Your treatment looks fantastic .
    Great hair line.
    It really suits you.
    What has been the reaction from your friend and family?
    Enjoy it I am sure you will


    Only showed a couple of people at the moment, both with good feedback .

    Gonna let the redness calm down before I show people properly .. I’ve told most people and there really excited to see it ..

    I’ve took a pic of the difference between tattoo and real hair , close up its only noticeable of what’s tattoo by the redness ..


    You are looking great after 2 treatments but wait for your 3rd treatment, it gets even better.

    I was bald just like you and it makes such a difference having a hairline and yours suits you.

    Benjamin Kramer

    It gets better with each treatment.

    Will look great in about a week when settled.

    Like your hairline. Have you a little scar?

    I had one also.


    Ok guys , as promised more pics ..

    These are 3 weeks after 3rd session , head shaved 3 days ago ..

    Very pleased with results so far , can’t fault Damons work 🙂


    Bit of a difference eh ? Ha


    Looks excellent mark how you finding your new look.


    Finding it really good , like it’s always been like this .. Lots of compliments .. Not one negative comment ..


    What an amazing difference.

    Can’t really say much more.

    Other than I’m really jealous.


    Marky your result look extremely good and you
    look far better now in my opinion.

    Looking at the before you look different to now
    due to your new hairline.

    Have you had to explain to people why you suddenly
    now have hair?

    Really looks great.


    The funny thing is ive not had to explain to anyone I haven’t already told . They have t even mentioned anything .. mates ive not seen for a few months haven’t said a single word ..
    I’ve noticed since having it done people just don’t really take that much notice , I obviosly can tell and side by side pics you can but when someone doesnt see you for a few weeks they just forget ..
    They probably just think “he looks a bit different , he looks well ” etc etc but can’t quite put there finger on it ..

    I told most at work and Im not bothered who knows and who doesn’t know but it’s funny that even some ive told what I’ve had done have said things like ” why what you had done , how was it before “. Now these are people I work with everyday day for last 10yrs , I guess people really don’t take that much notice .. We obviously do , it’s us and were conscious of it ..
    When something looks so realistic and doesn’t majorly stand out its probably hard for people to notice ..

    I have family wedding in a few weeks , I bet not a single person will mention about my hair , I’ll prob receive comments about looking well etc, But nothing about my hair , we’ll see ..
    It’ll be good to see what comments I get ..


    You,re bang on there markyh,its unbelievable really,a guy i work with and have known for years said to me the other day”whats with the shaved head”?and that was only after the 2nd treatment with Damon. I said i,ve always had it shaved yer numpty,hes not mentioned anything I love it.

    Benjamin Kramer

    You look great in your new photos marky. Makes a big differnce especially when you look at your before photos.


    Nice photos and the difference is really there too see.

    I think having a hairline really does improve anybody’s look. Who wants to look old before their time?

    Suits you very much.


    hI markyh, very nice treatment ! any outdoor pictures with natural or artificial lighting you care to share ?
    it would be great to see it in various circumstances, like the before pics you shared.

    good luck for the wedding mate ! cheers

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