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    Hi everyone,

    I’ve been trawling the forums for a while and i am very impressed with the encouragement everyone gives each other, it is really putting me at ease for what is a fairly daunting procedure (will people notice, will it look natural…….)

    I am booked in on 26th and again a week later.
    I will be travelling with my girlfriend from Dublin on the first trip and on my lonesome for the remaining sessions.

    I wont go into the details of my hair loss other than, its not the worst in the world, just looking to fill in the gaps!!

    I will post photos of before and after as I know they are great help to people that are on the fence about the treatment. Your photos have certainly been a help to me

    Chat to you soon!


    Hey Rob.. best of luck at the start of your journey.. judging by all others on here post treatment you’ll not look back and find that inner confidence in buckets, if that’s ever been a problem.

    Interested to understand what made you decide… finally.. on moving from trawling and thinking about it.. to actual doing it! And what’s your partners point of view on it?



    Hi Max

    Confidence has never been an issue, i’m in sales! ha ha. Its just something that has been bothering me for a while and i found myself shying away from photos a lot and feeling a bit more self conscious in general

    The reason that I decided to go for it in the end was seeing the great work done from regular Joes on the Skalp forum, it has really filled me with confidence. I had a consultation with a competing firm and it left me cold. The professionalism shown by Skalp has my mind completely at easy, which is very important to me. I felt other companies were more guarded about their before and afters, whereas its easy to see the great work done by Skalp

    My girlfriend is always very supportive of everything I do and just wants to see me happy! She is coming along to give her opinion on the hair line but we’re pretty much in sync of the result I want to achieve, i.e as natural as possible!

    I have been shaving my head forever so I dont think too many people will kop what has gone one. In the last week or too I have gone even shorter with a Wahl Balding clippers. I am using it daily to get used to the closeness of the shave

    I’m addicted to looking at the forum and am constantly on the look out for new photos !


    Dubrob – all makes perfect sense. Had my second session yesterday – best thing I’ve ever done.

    Enjoy the experience 😉


    Almost time! Red eye flight on Thursday morning for my appointment

    Starting to get nervous now

    We were drawing on hairlines last night with my girlfriends eyeliner. Fairly sure we have it nailed but ill leave it to the master, Damon

    I have been using a Wahl balding razor for the past couple of weeks. Will this be sufficient to keep the required length?


    Good luck today dubrob.

    Regarding the shaving. If you are lacking hair on top, the likely hood is you will need to use a face shaver.


    Is there an adjustable rotary razor you can buy,i find the clippers dont do it short enough and the rotary razor leaves nothing on at all?


    I’m not sure about an adjustable face shaver.

    What I do is shave the evening before so it looks
    just right the following day.

    I use a braun 7 series electric shaver.


    Treatment 1 and 2 done!

    Where to start?!

    First and foremost, Damon is an absolute gent. I’ve never met someone so passionate about their profession with such an attitude towards perfection. A really personable guy that really puts you at ease from the first moment we walked through the door (my girlfriend was with me for the first treatment)

    Everything was explained in clear detail, we agreed a hairline and jumped into it!

    The pain is completely manageable, it actually becomes quite nice after a while. It’s a genuinely pleasurable experience and the time flew by


    You will experience a lot of different emotions in the first week after treatment. Is the hairline right, what about the colour etc…. This all gets sorted in the second treatment

    Yesterday was my second treatment so had to fly over again, on my own this time .

    I discussed my concerns with Damon, talked about what I wanted to achieve and more importantly, what I DIDNT want to achieve. It was great to discover that he was on the same page as me

    And so began the game changer! Treatment 2 is a massive departure from treatment 1. It all starts to make sense. Density comes to the fore, the hairline gets sorted and the blending starts. Damon is a cautious practitioner and believes that the 3rd treatment is best so we didn’t go nuts!

    There were a few times when I was uncertain about the breaking of the hairline, temples etc… But I let that master do his thing and he got it spot on

    At home at the moment and can’t stop looking in the mirror. I can’t wait for it to lighten up a little as it’s fresh but luckily I can avoid most people until next Friday!!

    There’s still a bit to go but I know it only gets better from here so I just need to be patient and let time do its thing

    Again, massive thanks to Damon.

    I will put up some photos in a week or so- Damon, if you want to put some up you can on the proviso you block my ugly mug!!


    On the train on the way to the airport


    Before 1st Treatment.


    Immediately After 2nd Treatment.


    Coming along nicely.

    Everything will settle so give it time and be patient.

    Will look great but the third treatment it’s even better.

    Benjamin Kramer

    Hey dubrob welcome to the Skinhead crew.

    Yes you’re right about the difference between
    the first two treatment.

    Advice is that between now and the third to
    moisture like mad.

    Looking good tho mate and even better to come


    Looking great dubrob. Shape and style of hairline suit you. Still third one to come and as you’ve probably read here that’s when it all comes together.

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