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    Looks great dubrob.
    Damon seems a good honest guy.
    Look forward to seeing your final results.


    Nice start that mate.

    Be great to see it once you have finished all your


    Hey Dubrob, your treatment looks great. I’m also based in Dublin and have yet to see another irish lad with SMP. Any chance you’re around for a meetup or even any other irish lads on this forum? I’m 90% convinced – just need to see it in person.



    Dubrob here, had to register again as dubrob1 as I couldn’t login with the original password!!

    I had my third treatment yesterday, treatment 3 is the real deal. We agreed on a slight change to the hairline and broke it up more, I’m far happier with the new one!!

    The temples have now been brought into play now to frame my face more as a tight shave made the sides disappear too much

    It’s all a bit dark at the moment and I know there is a lot of dying down and softening to come but I know it’s going to end up with something really natural.

    Irishfella1989, I mentioned you yesterday and would be happy to meet up for a beer and a chat. I want it to settle for a few weeks first though as I don’t think seeing it right now would be a fair assessment and might scare you a little

    I’ve had a few ups and downs with the treatment to date and patience really is required, something I don’t have an abundance of!! Ha ha

    Skalp are going to post up some photos of my bounce immediately after treatment 3. I will post some settled ones up in a few weeks.

    Big thanks again to Skalp!


    This is great to hear, just what I needed as I’m in between session 2 and 3 and have same thoughts as you about my hairline and sides. Glad to hear session 3 sorted it for you I can’t wait for mine now! The Manchester guys are spot on just what you need when doing something like this.


    Thanks dubrob1. I’m based in city centre so happy to meet anytime.



    Yeah, they’re a good bunch up there.

    Still a long way to go as it’s a bit dark but I have no doubt that it will settle down nicely

    I lost some density which made the skin stand out underneath, this has now been sorted. Damon won’t let you leave until he is fully happy, he is a real perfectionist!


    A couple of photos showing before the treatment and a couple directly after treatment 3.


    Looks far more broken up dubrob and I think I prefer it too. It looked nice before but it’s personal preference.

    I think give it a few weeks to fully settle and it should look really nice.

    Benjamin Kramer

    I think hairline should be broken up as in real life they are like that.

    When had my treatment that’s exactly what I asked for because I felt it was more natural.

    Looks nice.


    Will look great once settled.

    Very natural dub rob.


    That treatment looks fantastic.

    As others have mentioned, wait till it all settles, you will be well pleased with the end result. Great job.


    I like this really broken up look. I think you chose right to break it up more. Excellent.


    Hey guys

    Thanks for the positive feedback. Damon was right, the 3rd treatment is where it’s at!

    Still dying down but the first real test since I started this journey came today and I’m happy to say that i passed with flying colours

    I have managed to avoid most of my sales team as I work on the road but today there was a big meeting….

    I wore my glasses, something I don’t normally do, as to throw them off the scent…nothing was said, apart from the comments about my hipster glasses!! Nobody looked funny at my head, nobody said anything! The relief of it all. I walked out of there 10 foot tall!

    The other day I was told by a client that I looked 27….I’m 32!

    Can’t wait til this is fully settled and I can put it out of my mind! So far so good though


    I normally blur out my face but feck it, I’ll leave it on this time!

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