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    Suits you with glasses.

    I agree the 3rd treatment is where it really comes together. It’s great when people don’t notice especially when you’re nervous.

    Time to enjoy your new look 🙂


    Looks great dude. Has anyone called you out on it or noticed it? That’s my biggest worry. Especially with my pale irish skin!


    Hey Irishfella1989

    I was absolutely bricking it today going into the office. Nobody had really seen me in 2 months so they had probably forgotten what I looked like!!

    Being called out is my biggest fear too, should probably take my picture down off the forum!! Ha ha

    I think you’re in a good position as you haven’t shaved your head before so people don’t know what you look like with it shaved. I would recommend taking 2 weeks off if you could. One week between treatment 1 and 2 and then the following week off to let treatment 2 settle a little.

    Treatment 3 really makes all the difference and sometimes it can be hard to see that when you’re a few weeks after treatment 2, but your just have to put your faith in the guys and be patient.

    I hated looking in the mirror for the past few years so the alternative of having this done was to remain miserable. It’s your head at the end of the day and only you can make that call

    I’d be happy to meet up with you in a couple of weeks to see what you think and I can answer any questions you might have

    Benjamin Kramer

    Dubrob where did you get the glasses from really goes well with the new hair. I have good eyesight but think the right type of glasses look cool.


    Thanks Benjamin

    I got them in specsavers, €129 buy one get one free!!

    Think I’ll wear them occasionally when I want to take focus off my head! Ha ha


    It’s nice to hear that people can have this done and not be noticed too much.


    Hey everyone

    Everything is settling nicely and was out for a work do on Friday night.

    I was really nervous as I am in sales and sales guys are notorious ball breakers with a couple of guys in particular!

    Anyway, nothing to worry about! Few comments made but only good one! “I like your new look” “you’re looking great” but to mention a few

    Even one of the guys that i normally get involved in slagging matches with (he has a big nose) didn’t cop it! He actually said ” you’ve shaved so short it actually makes you look like you have hair!”

    Ha ha ! Just laughed it off and said that shaving it super tight creates that illusion, end of conversation! : )

    Still loving it and only good times ahead!




    It definitely is great when the worries of what other people are going to say don’t materialise. Great Hairline dubrob1 and you love your glasses. Very cool I must say 🙂


    You’re one cool dude.

    Think I need to get some good sunglasses to match my Skinhead look.


    Looking smart dubrob1.

    I think it’s not just new sun glasses. I have found since I have had the treatment my whole wardrobe has improved.


    Quick photo update. Looking good so far

    Might think of adding a little on the temples at a later date

    Have my routine down now

    Shave every morning with a braun 7 series
    Shower then moisturise
    Quick dusting with rimmel stay matte and I’m good to go


    It’s good to see an update and You seem happy so far. Any comments from people?

    Does the rimmel stay matte work well Dunrob1?


    Seems to be settling down nicely.



    Yes, it works very well. just a light dusting is all thats needed. Not that practical to carry around
    I just keep it in the car

    Cheers JR25

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 46 total)
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