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    its over 12 months since my first treatment
    and I’ve just decided to get the braun series 7.
    my remmington rotary was not that good, and wet shaving the last few weeks has caused red shaving type spots.
    so got it today at argos £179 with the self clean
    got to say 1st shave was impressive. got as close as wet shave ,and was quick.
    also gave close blade type shave on face.
    the question i got is regarding the self clean
    it comes with a pot of cleaning fluid that goes in the bottom of the charging dock
    seem the 1st ingredient is alcohol and so is the 2nd.
    would this affect the smp or does it evaporate after the cleaning process
    anyone who not got this shaver needs to invest its great


    I’ve got the Braun Series 3 shaver with the same self clean. The alcohol is just there as a cleaner and it makes the heads last longer. If you pull it straight from cleaning then you will still have alcohol on the head, what I do is after I have used the shaver a few times I stick it on the cleaner straight after my shave this way its got 24 hours to clean and evaporate the alcohol before I next use it.


    I wouldn’t worry Mark it evaporates once you take it out the cleaner.
    Here is a little tip to make your cleaning fluid last twice as long.After you have used the fluid to clean your shaver take the fluid carton out and but the plastic cap that came with it back on until you need it again.This stops its evaporating away and makes your fluid cartridge last a lot longer.


    Thanks guys
    Would you recommend taking the head off and shaking out the hair before putting in cleaner .or is that what the cleaning fluid does
    Would you say use cleaning mode then . When dry run it under Luke warm water to make sure


    Yes you need to take the head out and tap it on a hard surface to get all the hair out on every shave ! and before you put it in the clean and renew.


    Some good info here…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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