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    I’m 23 and considering SMP, I have seen 1 example in real life with a rival company to Skalp and it was phenomal but the person who had it done still had a lot of hair.
    I have some questions if that’s ok.
    Is it GUARRANTEED that you’re head won’t go blue/green in the future?
    How will it look after various touch ups in the future?
    I’ve never seen an example of SMP after a few years faded, does anyone have a photo?
    How much would laser removal treatment cost if I wanted it removed?
    What light settings do you think SMP looks best and worst under?
    How do you make your head not shine? Or do you have to accept its going to shine in certain situations?
    I live in Scotland is there anyone willing who had SMP and is willing to meet up?
    Skalp seem the best provider to me based on results and practitioners, hopefully you can give me some answers to my questions!


    Hi Harvey. Where in scotland are you ? Firstly, the pigment will not blotch it go green/blue. The bonding is different from tattoo ink and it is designed to fade out.
    Re practitioners, marcin is the guy everyone is talking about. He did mine and is a total perfectionist. As for laser , I’d forget that. Once you’ve got smp at skalp you will not want it removed! It’s difficult to convey , and you only can understand once you have it but it is so subtle that it feels like part of you rather than something added. Best advice would be to go and book a consultation with marcin in Edinburgh , that’s where I went and there’s no sales pitch at all. I can guess where you went previously as I went there too.
    The good thing about skalp is it’s all guys who have experienced hair loss who have SMP that perform the treatment , I really would be reluctant to go elsewhere
    All the best mate. .


    Re the shine. I wear la Roche posay anti shine factor 50 sun cream and top it off with peter thomas Roth primer or monistat chafing gel.ive tried those papers you run on from super drug and they are ok too but tend to look whitish if you overdo them in a hurry.
    For me regardless of what people say the PTR is great although I’ve heard milk of magnesia is good too. Lol


    I stay in Perth but moving to Glasgow in a couple of months yourself? Do Skalp guarantee this? I’ve seen photos of people with it and it looks blue in certain photos(not necessarily Skalps work)
    I’m eager to see what SMP looks like after say 4 years with no touch ups, have you seen any photos?
    I appreciate the reply coconut.


    Can safely say , I’ve seen one guys that’s a good few years old and it looks great. Pretty light but great.
    Whilst smp by skalp is called a tattoo it’s nothing really like that. For example my first lot of dots was too light for me and it disappeared in areas. This is exactly what happens. Do not go with photos. A shaved head , regardless of smp or not should have a slight grey tone. I’ve never had a blue hue on mine but the darker pigments other companies use will have cool blue tones added to neutralise warmth. However , this is for people who think smp is to replicate hair. It doesn’t. It’s basically follicle just about to sprout hair that it replicates.


    If you go on the skalp website you can see my video. Joe.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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