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    Goss Boy

    Hi. I have recently had a consultation with SKALP at there clinic in The Barton Arcade in Manchester.

    Have to say is was better than I expected to be.

    I was met by a gentleman called Martin who had the treatment and was introduced to Damon who at the time was treating a client.

    What i thought was excellent was how informal it all was. I was expecting it to be a nerve wracking experience with a hard sell at the end, but it was neither.

    I was allowed to spend as much time with Martin as i liked asking questions and seeing a client being treated who I must say was also very open and his treatment was looking very good albeit very red a sore.

    I am 99% sure I am going to book to have my treatment, but just wanted to ask guys who have had it done on question. What has the reaction been from work colleagues and friends who you haven’t told, because I want to keep it as low profile as possible.



    My experience was very slight redness that only I could notice so no time off work needed, I have told a few people but not one person male or female inc. 2 hairdressers have noticed the treatment a few people commented that I had hair and they thought I was completely bald, the rest a mixture between saying I looked well and most people said nothing.



    Hi goss boy, I was very open about my treatment and told everyone at work. I think they were all expecting me to come back to work with a big dark tattoo on my head, but they didnt really understand what I was talking about. After my first treatment not one person made a comment. They didnt realise I had had it done. By the end of my treatments , because it was over a few weeks the only person who noticed the most was me. Because it looks so natural I have not had one bad comment. Only how well im looking and how good it looks. I work in a large hotel and I thought someone would take the mickey but not one member of staff has said a thing. The regular customers who I didnt tell have not noticed, but look at me and just say how good and well im looking but can not point out why. It looks so natural unless you tell people, no one even realises. I can honestly say its the best thing I have ever done, and im the only one who actually notices the most. I feel great, and my self confidence has gone through the roof. You wont regret having the treatment.


    Welcome GossBoy to the forum.

    I can concur regarding your consultation experience. It was for me one of the main reasons I booked to have the treatment with Skalp on top of the great results I saw.

    Regarding your question about people noticing it is something I was very surprised about. I just expected for everyone to notice but this treatment is so natural that people can see a difference, a positive difference but can’t always out there finger on it.

    Seriously I would recommend you go ahead as it really is a positive experience.

    Benjamin Kramer

    The consultation for me was the reason I went ahead with this treatment. Being able to see the treatment in real life and also being able to ask questions directly to an expert was a great help.


    The consultation was very important to me.

    With Skalp I always felt like they cared and most of all I mattered.

    Hope you decided to book in and have the treatment as you certainly won’t regret it.

    Bull Dog

    I want to book a consultation in the New Year as I want to make 2015 the year my hairline returns.

    Good to hear everything is relaxed and not a sales type thing.

    Can you ask for this Mock Up at the consultation?

    Goss Boy

    Hi Bull Dog ,
    The consultation was very relaxed no pressure at all.
    No sales talk at all.
    Was even told to do my research with other companies to make sure I was comfortable.
    That made my mind up .
    Skalp was always my number 1 choice anyway .
    Definitely ask for a mock up.
    Once I saw the mock up with hair on my head I was sold.
    Both Martin and Damon have had the treatment.
    Theirs both look very natural so I know I am in good hands.
    Good luck I know from experience you will enjoy the consultation.

    Goss Boy

    After seeing the Bodyschockers program it has made me even more excited about getting my treatment.
    I could see the happiness in Adams face.
    What a fantastic advert he is for this treatment.
    It was after seeing Damon and Martins treatment in real life that finally convinced me.
    All I can say to anyone get a consultation to see it on a real person.
    You’ll know then this treatment is the real deal !!!


    Congratulations. When you booked in Goss Boy?

    Goss Boy

    Booked in for end of March!
    Cannot wait .


    Body shockers was my first knowledge of Skalp!! All booked in for Zmarch, 3rd, 10th and 23rd!!

    All the best


    Body shockers was my first knowledge of Skalp!! All booked in for march, 3rd, 10th and 23rd!!

    All the best


    I am now about a month after my second session. I must admit I kept a relatively low profile after each treatment as I’m a little bit paranoid probably, but also keen for people who I know well to see the finished result. Surprising as it sounds not one person has noticed. The main reaction I get is, oh you have shaved your head (had probably a 1 -1.5 shaved head for the last year or so). The best reaction which made me chuckle was, “it will take a while to get used to but you have a good shape” referring to my hair line…result! I have my third treatment booked in for end of March as I wanted to leave it a while to settle.

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