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    I have a consultation this week. Quite nervous because I like the look of some results but it’s a lot of trust to place in someone. I only want the softest possible look with very light pigment, no crazy density and a very faded hairline. I want it to look completely natural and I don’t care if it looks slightly receded. What concerns me is that most of the hairlines in pics are very defined/obvious. It worries me that faded/soft looks are hard to achieve technically.



    I don’t think that achieving a soft natural hairline is hard at all for these guys as their very experienced, from what I’ve seen over the years a lot of guys start off wanting a soft hairline and end up wanting a more defined hairline by the time they get to their 3rd session as they get more confident with it, so really it’s up to you, if you want a super soft hairline just ask them for it and stick to it



    Mate remember most of the pictures shared on here are taken straight after the treatment so will look dark and red, once they settle they look a lot softer.



    These guys are at the top of their game mate, I wouldn’t go anywhere else for treatment, you’re in good hands.

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