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    Thanks to everyone’s posts and positive feedback

    I’ve finally booked in for a consultation in Manchester I’m really looking forward to a treatment that could give the look of having hair once again

    I started loosing my hair in my early 20’s and I’m now 52 however My big concern is how it will be perceived from friends and work mates.

    It would be interesting to hear the views of how anybody who’s had the treatment dealt with it


    When I was watching all the testimonials before I commenced treatment and everyone was stating they it was subtle or that they had just cut their hair I thought it was a sales gimmick. I’m now on my second treatment and can honestly say that it’s been comments like ” oh that’s a short one this time ” or ” you suit that shaved in shorter”. Bearing in mind I’ve came from a number 1 all over down to being shaved. Here it becomes paradoxical as although it’s really easy for me to go from a number 1 crop to shaved then aren’t people going to notice the extra hair ? Honestly not, they’ll say you look better but can’t detect what it is. That’s how natural it is. It’s like a nice shadow with no bald contrast. If you are balding with a good bit of hair elsewhere or wearing a system everyone will think you’ve shaved it all off. It’s a win win if you keep the smp natural.


    Thanks coconuthead I appreciate your thoughts
    I’m really looking forward to meeting the skalp team on Friday hopefully it will be all systems go from then on


    As planned I went for my consultation today met with Marcin and Dean

    Very friendly atmosphere they both answered my questions Marcin took time to show me photos of previous clients and advised on the look I should go for

    Marcin was working on someone as I arrived ,it was good to see the treatment in progress and be able to ask them questions it really as helped make up my mind to go for it .
    Again someone arrived just as I was leaving for a third treatment it generally looked amazing I was quite overwhelmed with the way it looked and you just couldn’t tell it was that good

    I had some photos taken for the mock up which should arrive shortly that should be fun so in a nutshell I’m sold and I will be booking in Asaph

    So if there’s anyone reading this that maybe sceptical go and have consultation and see for yourself
    I took my wife along and she was impressed and that’s saying something lol

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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