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    Bang tidy

    I’ve just booked my dates with Dean in Manchester for January, already getting nervous lol, but very confident after meeting him last week at the consultation and him showing me some of his work.

    To be honest I was so close to booking with HIS before doing my research and deciding on Skalp, lucky I didnt as I’ve just seen on another forum that they have just gone bankrupt, I would of been pissed if i would of paid them a deposit just before they went out of business.

    I know i shouldn’t but I can’t wait to get christmas out the way so I can get my hairline back.



    OMG, I was considering to go with them!!!
    Big company- years in business, but I’ve read too many bad reviews that’s why I’ve came to SKALP.
    Glad I did my research right, I can’t believe HIS hair have declared bankruptcy.


    Hi mate
    Really??? HIS gone bankrupt, that is really shocking news !! Personally I had a consultation there and did not enjoy my experience, felt rushed and like they were not interested in me but instead just £££.
    I really feel for those who’s decided to go with them and lose their cash.
    Anyways really interesting news thanks for that, and I’m sure it will spread fast.

    Anyways enjoy your new hairline and good luck at Skalp they are top of there game.



    Wow, can’t believe that!
    I had a consultation there too and didn’t like the way I was treated at all. As Jeff89 said it was all about the money, left feeling really disappointed. So glad I had a consultation at Skalp


    Hey guys I’m not surprised to be honest, I can’t say I’ve ever read many positive things about them and especially there consultations. I’ve seen some pretty dodgy hairlines from there results as well. I feel sorry for anyone half way through treatments with them.


    I agree buckley can’t say that i’m surprised either, theres only so long you can just tell everyone your the best without backing it up with real actual treatments, all the reviews I ever see from them is about there terrible customer care and ridiculous hairlines haha


    I almost went with them but after researching went to SKALP.
    I read their forum for tips and it’s still moderated and active.


    I did go to HIS and they screwed my treatment up, so i came to Skalp to get it fixed, see my other thread, it now looks a million times better, still need my 2nd session to get it perfect, but the difference between Skalp and HIS is night and day, Skalp actually care and have skilled practitioners, when I was at HIS I felt they just wanted my money and to push me out the door, they didn’t want to hear when i was telling them i wasn’t happy with the treatment.

    To be honest them going bankrupt is probably just a plan to get rid of any debt and they will probably open up again with another name, leaving all the unhappy happy customers that were trying to sue them for f’d up treatments with nobody to sue.

    Boys trust me avoid HIS or any other name they open up as, not a good company.


    I remember your original thread well. It was really dark. What did the guys at Skalp do to fix it ? Did you get lighter ink ? Glad you are managing to get it sorted mate.


    Thanks mate, I had to have 2 laser sessions to lighten up what HIS did to me, then had to let it settle for a while, I’ve had 1 session with Skalp so far with a lighter colour and it already looks so much better, got the next session next week, i’ll get some pics up once its all finished.


    There is no mention of it on their forum now and everyone is happily convincing more people to take up the treatment with them. I’m guessing the forum admins are deleting any posts mentioning it very quickly. I would have thought there would be some sort of public notice that would have to be posted on their website to inform potential future customers?


    Well they were greedy, overcharged clients, treated their staff like shit and then had a fast staff turnover so customers didn’t trust them anymore.

    It speaks for itself :


    Holy cow! So glad I didn’t go with them. Went in for a consult and all. Looks like I wasn’t the only one that got turned off by them. They seemed like ALL smoke and mirrors. All i was told was how great they were and blah blah blah. Was never showed anything, couldn’t answer my questions in detail… it’s actually what brought me to this forum and this company, being that they are now located in new york and in the USA.

    Boy am i glad. Was already thrilled with my choice, but reading this today makes me feel so happy I made the right decision.


    Oh ssss…..ugar.

    HiS Hair is closing down ? ⚰ ☠

    I’ve had a consultation with them in Birmingham ….

    I could smell thier desperation !


    Glad I have booked with Skalp lads in Manchester 👍🏻


    HIS is crap

    I’ve spoken to HIS client, he’s done the treatment recently @ HIS Manchester- he said a woman from HIS took an hour to draw on his hairline and it was wonky, they are telling him it could take 5 sessions altho they guaranteed he would be done in 2, and that because he complained about the woman practitioner he’s being made to go to manchester to finish without travel compensation. I think he will go to Skalp- frustrated as f*

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