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    Its worrying that they are still trading and accepting new clients without telling them the state of the business. A post appeared on the forum which quickly disappeared and now the forum is blocking anyone signing up with a new account to prevent future clients seeing any links to the news.

    Bang tidy

    Haha have you seen that HIS have now started a new company that offers transplants, wigs and pills as well as SMP, they couldn’t even run a company that does just SMP let alone the rest, I wouldn’t trust them to do a haircut on me (when I had hair lol) let alone transplants etc, so glad i decided on Skalp and can’t wait.


    What a joke, they realised a statement saying they closed the company to open a new one, which is BS, closing a company is not the same as going into liquidation, they went into liquidation which is never a good thing, sadly some people will believe the whole story from them, I would avoid them with a barge pole.


    If it’s the same people running the new company, it will be the same bad treatments and crappy customer care, having a new website design doesn’t change a thing i’m afraid, now they don’t even specialise in SMP, they do a bit of this and bit of that, how could anyone choose them over Skalp, there is no comparison.


    HIS deserve all the get ! they treat there staff bad.


    Hi, I’m new here (Skalp) and have just recently been to his. I went there years ago and have just had my 1st touch up with them recently, since having this done I’ve been checking the forums and smp videos more than usual and a few days ago I noticed changes on their website, it had a different look and was offering several treatments for hair loss besides smp, one was injecting minerals and vitamins into the scalp to help follicles, I’d never heard of this before, weird. They also recently released a post on their forum that was locked to replies, it was an open letter to their competitors and basically read like a warning, something is definitely going on over there, the info on this thread has helped me piece together some of it and made me aware of things I was oblivious to, thanks for that.

    Anyway last night I went to view their forum and their entire site was down with some strange messages (screenshots attached) because I couldn’t access their site I came to use skalp forum and noticed this thread read it and was shocked to say the least, the work here on skalp looks great, I’m happy with my smp but in the future it looks like his may not be an option because 1. They may not be around, 2. Them running an ‘unbiased’ smp review site is shady, 3. The franchise business model they were looking at is scary. It’ll be a while before I need any touch up but when the time comes I’ll be looking at Skalp and some other smp providers, I can honestly say HIS would be the last place I’d go to given the recent revelations regarding them. Their site is still down today, as far as I know they are still in business, I didn’t lose my deposit for the recent work I had done, maybe I was just lucky. Thanks for providing this forum and for the images of smp as I like looking at all smp providers images and videos.

    Bang tidy

    Hi Huys thought i would give an update, I finished my last session with Dean 2 weeks ago and I can confirm i definitely made the right choice, the result is amazing, I’ve only told a few people what i’ve had done and they can’t believe it, Dean is great at his job, really listened to what I wanted and delivered it exactly how I wanted it, pain wise i would say 2 out of 10 and creeping up to about 4 on the front and sides but 100% worth it.

    Dean said my skin was in good condition and it held well over the sessions so i should be done now for a few years, I’ll get a few pictures up later or tomorrow when I get them on my desktop.

    Thank you so much Dean and Skalp


    Hi guys I’ve just found this thread on the forum, I thought about going to his before booking at Skalp. I was just wondering how they are still running under what seems like the same name or company?


    I had a consultation at HIS before I came to SKALP, and honestly I felt they just wanted £££ and were’nt thinking about me as a possible customer. They got greedy I think. The consultation felt rushed, glad I escaped that one.


    Wow I had a consultation with HIS in Birmingham!



    Omg. I was very close to book in with HIS! And they seem to be in a bit of trouble 😳


    Are HIS still in trouble financially? I thought all that was sorted but maybe not.


    Wow wonder what happened to there existing clients?


    My friend went to his and said he felt really rushed he’s had he’s treatment with skalp and it looks great I’ve now booked in with Christian in London I’ve thought about smp for years and have finally decided to do it with skalp.

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