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    Little background – losing hair since I was 16. Got a couple FUT’s done. Big mistake, avoid at all costs if you can, most of the transplant industry is a scam.
    Anyway as you can imagine I was an anxious wreck most of the time. So only option left seemed to be SMP. Went to a few consultations and decided to go with Skalp. I’ve had to have extra sessions due to the dodgy FUT scar on my head needing slightly more work – bear this in mind if you’re considering SMP, how your scar/s react to SMP is very hard to predict but obviously it doesn’t take the ink as well as your actual skin so be prepared to POSSIBLY need more sessions. So I’ve had several sessions with Derek now and the dude’s good at what he does, and has been through hair loss himself and had the treatment done so he is able to empathise with my situation, my anxieties and what I want out of the treatment. Due to this I feel relaxed during the sessions and he’s always got good chat and tunes. If hair loss affects your life in a negative way and you’re considering this treatment in Scotland it’s worth going in for a consultation and have a chat to get your questions answered. Derek was more than happy to answer my questions and provide all the information I needed and it’s a good opportunity to see what the treatment looks like on someone in person.
    Pain wise – sucks less than a proper tattoo. Everyone’s different but if you’ve been tattooed before the chances are it won’t hurt anywhere near as bad despite it being on your head, couple painkillers and food beforehand and you’ll probably be fine.
    Losing hair is sh-te. If you’re reading this, good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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