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    As some of you guys know from my previous posts I had 3 sessions in NYC with Craig and it was Okay but I was questioning my procedure because it seems I needed it to be darker but Craig told me if I needed darker I need to sign a waiver because he didn’t want to ruin his work. I thought by 3rd session I would be happy and I thought I was too. Anyways I wanted to get a 4th session done and to my surprise Craig was gone and a new guy name Derek was taking his place so now I was little skeptical about the new guy.

    My nephew had his done the last 3 session with Craig was happy but felt it could have been better, so without me even knowing he had gone for 4 session with Derek and when he came back he was telling me that Derek was amazing and the guy is a perfectionist , I thought yeah well lets see if he can fix my procedure after the 4th session. I was little nervous going in for my appointment but once I arrived Derek was very down to earth and he made me feel like we were old friends. I told him that I needed it darker and that Craig wanted me to sign a waiver before, he told me forget a waiver, a practionor needs to have confidence in his work and that is exactly what Derek had.

    He did my touchup and after he was done it was exactly what I wanted, not sure why Craig never wanted me to go darker but now I feel better. Today I looked into the mirror after the 2nd day and I can say that Derek did an amazing job.

    I hope Scalp gets more people like Derek!

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