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    Had the first treatment yesterday found it pretty painless didn’t really get any redness either look this a few hours after. I wonder did you guys find it painful at all ? I went for a receded hairline as I was a bit worried about it looking too fake. Maybe I’ll lower it next week? what do you think ??

    Pretty happy already to be honest although I’m about to go to work so lets see if any eyes wonder up to my previously bald bits


    Looking nice Adam. Glad to hear that you never felt much pain. It’s the thing i was worried about for my treatment very soon.


    Hi Adam. I think your hairline height suits you but you do have scope to lower. It’s personal taste really.

    On your 2nd treatment you can alter things if you want to plus they add more density which makes it look even more realistic.

    Who did your treatment? Looks great for a 1st session.


    I found the blending to be most painfull on the 2nd session, it was bareable and much less than any tattoos ive had.

    Your SMP looks great and i think the hair line is bang on.


    Ummmm I had it done in London Harley Street. Can’t remember the Guys name who did the most Part? Maybe J ? Ollie also did some near the end of the treatment, nice guys though and easy on the eye hehe. Very relaxed and good banter put me at ease really quick they said my skin took it really well (although that could just be a line they use.) but I felt in good hands. Thanks for your comments I’m happy so far looking forward to more definition as it needs it. Nowhere near the pain of my Tattoo’s I have many friends who will be interested in the treatment


    Sounds like the treatment has gone very well Adam. Looks good from the picture you have posted.

    Don’t worry about getting definition and density as this comes on the 2nd treatment.

    Look forward to seeing your progress.


    Looking nice Adam.


    Thanks Guys 🙂 Nice to find others who have had this experience and understands how it feels for a man to lose his hair

    Mr Marky

    I like the shape of your hairline Adam, i wouldn’t change it too much, maybe a tiny bit down, good luck in your second session


    Thank You @MrMarky

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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