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    Hi guys,

    Very interested in SMP in the near future. I’ve still got quite a good amount of hair, diffuse thinning, about a Norwood 3.

    I’ve been buzzing my head down to somewhere between 0 and 0.5 using a Remington quick cut for years, but I’m aware that this is not short enough for SMP.

    I also have a Andis foil shaver (think it’s the T1), which cuts pretty close, but I find it a bit cumbersome to use. I find it quite time consuming to use and also find it hard to get a perfectly even cut.

    So, I’m looking for recommendations on an electric shaver, that cuts down to the bone, gives an even finish and is easy to use.

    To give context, I live in the UK, so it will need to be able to be purchased here!

    Thanks in advance,



    When I had mine done I bought the skull shaver razor and used that for a while but to be honest I find wet shaving with a razor the way that suits me. I just do it every 2 days before I go to sleep and it suits me better. Takes less time and I find I don’t miss any bits


    Thanks for the response Razor!

    How did you find the skull shaver? Was it easy to use and did it cut close enough?

    I’ve never tried wet shaving as I have a few moles near my crown, and the thought of running a blade over them is not a good one for me! Ha



    Remington XR1410 Flex360 Rotary Electric Shaver

    I’ve used this since I had my treatment and it’s perfect in my opinion. As close to using a razor blade without the hassle that comes with shaving, highly recommend.


    Hi James,

    I’ve just had my 1st session treatment on the 17th July and realised my existing shaver is not ideal as it cuts down to 0.50mm, which is at the limit for a good SMP look so would mean a daily shave routine. I’ve been doing my research and there’s so many options out there for shavers.

    I’ve today opted for the Wahl Aqua Blade Multi Groomer, which is ideal for what I need, cuts to 0.20mm or closer if you use the foil attachment apparently. It also comes with other attachments for beard, nose, and body trimming. 5yr warranty so must be decent.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your treatment. I’ve left a post after my first session.




    My Skull Shaver conked out so I’ve bought a Remington XR1410 Flex360.
    I find it better than the Skull Shaver.
    Cheaper too.


    Thanks for the responses guys, forum wouldn’t let me respond for some reason! Managed to get used to the Andis TS-1, and it’s cuts pretty close, don’t think a bic would take much more off, still not sure it’s short enough though.



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