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    I went for a touch up for my head in the Manhattan location. I had 3 previous procedures done and they all looked good. This was for an extra. Derrick, the person who did the procedure was excellent: knew his stuff, was calm, patient, and paid high attention to detail. I would highly recommend seeing him for your hair loss problems.


    Hey Guys,
    I agree! As I have just received my second treatment from Derrick, and the results are awesome. Derrick is amazing not only as a practitioner , but as a person. He has made this experience so comfortable and reassuring for me. Derrick being a living model of the treatment has completely diminished the naysayers (this is just a business and the results are not real for everyone) of the treatment/investment. I say investment because it is an investment in oneself. As I mentioned to Christine(who is absolutely Fabulous!) . I equate the treatment to the early days of BREAST AUGMENTATION. When women were so afraid of being exposed of wanting or needing the enhancement. Fear of criticism of all kinds, and feeling culpable of the scrutiny. However, self improvement of oneself is progressive and benevolent and should not be scrutinized. I am looking forward to my 3rd session. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but Derrick will not be back to the New York Office until next year (2018). I thank you Derrick , and so does my mom. I wish you well. Please keep in touch while you are back home dude. Finally, Christine I thank you so much for accommodating me with scheduling and being so professional. You are truly beautiful inside and out ( she is gorgeous guys). Thanks again Derrick and Christine.
    B. McGowan.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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