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    ken miller

    Hi everyone,
    I haven’t posted in a while and I am still so happy with my results. Thank you Graig, NYC! I have alopecia universalis, so Graig did my entire head. I still have another treatment, but its perfect! I’ve had the opportunity to visit family for various holidays and while I told many exactly what I was having done, they completely forgot. I finally had to ask them what they thought of the treatment… What treatment? Everyone, I mean everyone assumes my hair has started to grow back. I’m met with total disbelief when I explain what the Skalp treatment is.

    One more story: I went to see my doctor recently for a chest cold. She asked if I had any immune system disorders. I said other than alopecia, no I don’t. I saw her eyes move to my scalp, and she asked if I meant that I had a receding hairline? No, I have total hairloss over my whole body. Her eyes went to my scalp again, and she asked incredulously how I was able to have regrowth on my head. So once again I was completely satisfied with the new look and happy to tell her about Skalp!

    Bang tidy

    That’s a great story about the doctor Ken, you couldn’t ask for more reassurance that the treatment looks natural than her saying that, happy days!!!

    Daniel A

    Good story, it’s a weird feeling, you almost expect people to notice or say something, but it obviously does look so natural that even a doctor can’t tell, bet you’re happy ken


    maybe this means the procedure wasn’t really worth doing in the first place. I mean if it makes that little of a difference that people don’t even notice you had anything done

    Bang tidy

    The thing is you wouldn’t want everyone to be saying omg what have you done to your head, you want it too look natural, not everyone is staring at your head and will notice if you suddenly have a hairline, but to us it makes a huge difference, 100% worth it

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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