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    Hi everyone,

    It’s been a year since I had my treatments with Marcin and as I’ve just had my final assessment (again with Marcin) I thought I’d pop back here with a brief recap of my experience and some tips in case anyone finds them useful.

    I had a large area of baldness to cover last year and it took 4 separate sessions over the course of what I guess must have been a couple of months. I can’t remember the exact dates now but I think I posted about my experience here at the time so if you look back at my previous posts you should find more information there. Since then – and I think I may actually have posted previously about this too so I suppose I’m repeating myself to a degree – reactions have fallen into one of two camps: people who know me well have either not noticed anything at all or those who have noticed a change have been very complimentary (and amazed when I tell them about the procedure which none of them have ever heard of before). That’s one camp, the other is new people I’ve met, i.e. people who didn’t know me at all before the procedure, and of that group, absolutely none has looked at me funny (believe me, I’ve been watching them carefully!) or made any kind of remark. To cut a long story short, I’m very happy with how natural everything looks (sorry, I’m not going to post any photos but that’s just because I’m uncomfortable doing so anyway, nothing to do with how I feel about the treatment).

    If you’re going through with the procedure, or are considering doing so, I’d offer the following tips based on my own experience:

    – Spend as much time as you need to make absolutely sure you’re happy with the new hairline and don’t be afraid to say if you’re still not happy with it. Marcin and I spent *ages* with mine but it was time well worth it. If it’s not quite right, even if it’s just a few missing dots here and there, it’ll catch your eye every time you look in a mirror. That was certainly the case with me because we didn’t finalise the hairline until the second session and I was thinking about it constantly during that period but since then I haven’t given it a second thought over the past 12 months.

    – If your skin is quite sensitive, consider taking along some strong painkillers with you to the first session. From what I understand, most people won’t need anything more than paracetamol but I was one of the few who experienced some real discomfort with certain areas and decided to take something stronger for my second and third sessions. If you don’t need them, don’t take them, but if you’re not sure it might be handy to have them with you just in case.

    – For shaving after the treatments are finished Marcin recommended the Bald Eagle Pro and it’s been great. I’ve been using it every few days for almost a year now and it’s worked perfectly every time. It’s quick, easy to use, easy to clean, charges quickly and the charge lasts a long time. Initially I was going to shave with a blade but having tried that once or twice there was too great a difference between my white skin underneath and the area with the treatment. Using the Bald Eagle Pro cuts the hair to just the right length that the blending looks good for 24-48 hours before you need to shave again.

    – Whatever you use to shave, buy yourself a large but lightweight handheld mirror so you can see the back of your head in a bathroom mirror. I got a great one really cheaply from Amazon.

    – To remove shine Marcin initially recommended Kleenex antishine wipes which worked OK but then he suggested something called Monistat which is a kind of gel intended to relieve skin chafing but it works brilliantly at removing shine from the top of your head too. You only need to use a tiny bit each time (I’m still on my first tube) and it only takes seconds to apply.

    – For moisturising, I use Eucerin 10% Urea cream every three days or so. There are probably loads of others you could use but this seems to work well for me, it’s easily absorbed and smells fine. I only use it at night before going to bed but I also have a small tube I carry with me just in case (although I don’t think I’ve ever used it).

    OK, I think that’s about it. My assessment went well, just a few dots here and there and a little touch up to make the blending at the back even better. Overall I’m really happy and my thanks once again to Marcin for all his hard work over what were some really long treatment sessions.

    Hope that’s of some use!

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