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    Have finally booked in after months of trying to get time off work. Booked in for June for 2 treatments and then likely hood my 3rd will be in July.

    A couple of questions.

    I have seen that shine on the head can be an issue, has anybody got a solution to ease this. My head shines a lot and it’s only now I’m getting the treatment that I think about it.

    Also for the guys who were completely bald like I am on top. What have you said to friends or colleagues who you suddenly have a hairline again? Do they notice and what reasons do you give.

    Any other tips would be fantastic. Cheers.


    Nice one GreenGrass on booking your treatment.

    I’m lucky as my head doesn’t really shine too much as I have a very thin layer of hair on my head which helps it. The product I’ve heard and read is very good is Peter Thomas Roth Mattifying Gel. It has some very good reports.

    Regarding people noticing the difference once you have had the treatment. Some do and some don’t but no one noticed it in a bad way. I have never had anyone actually think I have had something done. It was a case of your hair looks better like that or you look healthier. It’s positive all the way.


    Well I haven’t had the treatment as had to cancel due to work commitments.

    Hopefully 3rd time lucky for me as am now booked in for early October.

    Fingers crossed there will be no delays again as just want my hairline back.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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