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    I’ve just booked my dates at the Manchester clinic for the end of January, not sure if i feel more nervous or excited!!!
    I’ve still got hair at the back and sides just lost pretty much everything on top, I’ve been looking into SMP for over a year now, watched every video about SMP and read countless forums.
    So as you can imagine this was a big decision for me like most guys, for the last year i’ve gone from 100% yes i’m doing it to just get over it i’m bald, think i just had enough of looking in the mirror and seeing my forehead disappear past the top of my head.
    I went for 5 consultations with different places, to be honest Skalp was one of the most expensive but now I see why after meeting the practitioners, almost all of the other clinics tried to sell me some BS about them having special ink that no other clinic has or their the only place that has specially made needles that are smaller than the other clinics, but if I asked to meet the practitioners or see some of there actual results they got all nervous and said to just look online and I can’t meet the actual person doing it, some even slagged off the other clinics, very off putting, It felt like if they had to try and BS me with special needles etc they weren’t very confident in just showing me what they can do, some clinics were offering the same treatment for half the price, 2 rules I always follow is if it sounds to good to be true it usually is and you pay for what you get, why would offer the same treatment for so cheap, seemed a bit desperate.
    It was refreshing when I went for the consultation with Skalp and actually met 2 practitioners and saw a treatment taking place, Dean who I’ve booked in with showed me some of his recent treatments and there was no sales pitch, we spoke about what kind of hairline I want, which is as soft and natural as possible and he said that’s what he does as standard and from the results he showed me I feel very confident he can deliver.

    Going to be counting down the days now lol, I’ll post my pics after the session.



    You will love it George no need to be nervous just excited.
    That’s the problem with people just finding this treatment now, there are so many companies that have opened in the last year or 2 that are claiming to be the best with special inks, machines and needles etc, just stick with the basics do a good treatment, sadly some people with get fooled into going with one of these clinics because they are offering it for a much cheaper price, sadly for them they might have to find out the hard way, you can’t beat experience and that’s why I chose skalp


    I was one of those that fell for the sale pitch from a supposed top clinic, before getting my head sorted by Skalp, trust me save money on something else just not your head, don’t fall the bullshit of special needles, like weekzie said above you can’t beat experience

    Daniel A

    You’ve made the right choice George, I also did a lot of research on all the clinics and Skalp was the clear choice for me too, you won’t be disappointed


    Yeah mate you definitely won’t be disappointed. I was very nervous the first day as you just naturally start thinking of the worst. Marcin and Dean both made me feel at ease. On my first day there was actually another guy there who had just finished his treatment. He had a smile on his face and also helped to assure me that everything would be fine. 2 months later and I’m so used to it now. And people who know I’ve had it done have gotten so used to it. Good decision for choosing Skalp! 🙂


    Excited for you mate, you will love it!!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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