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    Hey Michael,

    I’m from Liverpool an just started taking interest in this procedure. It really looks too good to be true. It’s looks amazing but I have all kinds of doubts about maintainance, how long it would last, how it would affect my lifestyle (I train, do hot yoga, dive when going on holiday.

    Yours is one of the two best I’ve seen and just need some reassurance. I’ve had two mock ups done the second one looks good but how much better is it once it’s done?

    Cheers man



    Hey guys, sorry I’ve not replied, I didn’t get an email notification strangely? Thanks for all the kind comments, I’m still over the moon with my treatment!
    Maintenance has been easy. I shave every 2-3 days, as my hair is quite light, so doesn’t show massively when the hair grows through. I train a lot too, Glenn. I do bootcamps, and sweat an insane amount. Your head can get shiny when you sweat, but nothing that would make you be bothered. I put an anti shine moisturiser on my head in the mornings after my shower and I’m fine all day. To be honest, I don’t really give my head a second thought now, It’s took away so many of my insecurities, getting this treatment done.

    Blending to my real hair has been perfect. The girl I’m dating likes shaving my head for me (novelty will wear off soon though) and she jokes that she can’t tell where the hair and treatment meets.

    The best thing to do is go for a consultation to see what they would do with your hair. Marcin and Dean are cracking lads and very honest with you.



    Hi Michael,

    Your treatment looks fantastic, I’ve been sitting on the fence for a very long time now (too long) but have to say after seeing your story, it’s convinced me to do something about my situation.

    I also noticed that you’re from the Liverpool area, I am too and was wondering if it was convenient for you, would you consider meeting up for a coffee and a chat.

    It really would help.




    aren’t you the guy that was on some game show or something



    I love this Michael. You were one of the videos I watched a couple of times that made me finally go and get mine done. I had treatment 1 this week and next week is No. 2.

    Like you I was getting in a bit of a panic with all sorts of answers to come out with if anyone said anything. But it all carried on as normal. Haha. I even went out Thurs night (1st treatment was done Tues) and my mate not said a thing. Which is exactly how I want it. And I was on a high all night with just different nice compliments and smiles and out of the blue “you look good”. Just nice stuff it was.

    My answer is should anyone ever notice a major difference over this next couple of weeks is “yea it’s always been there you just not noticed that’s all as I BIC shave my head usually” !!

    So glad I have started this process off and my practitioner is absolutely brilliant and an honest reassuring guy.


    That’s great to hear Tony. I don’t regret a thing. I totally forgot I’m bald now tbh? Just wait till you see the difference the 2nd treatment makes, it’s unreal!



    Thank you. Had session 2 today (Weds) and wow what a difference I can see forming as the redness calms down. Got to get the correct clippers that I have been advised on (arriving tomoz) so that it all blends together then naturally. So I am 66% the way there, and with an afternoon of Marcins music haha and the professionalism and expertise of Dean. Final session in Aug and looking forward to enjoying my hairline in the meantime. 🙂



    Thanks Michael for your inspirational story and thanks Marcin for all the time you have taken to do my treatment 😃.
    I feel like am not going through my mid live crisis anymore ha ha.
    Skalp practitioners in Manchester are real perfectionists and you have made me a lot happier person outside but mostly inside!






    wow your results look amazing.. did it hurt ? it looks painful. I’m really considering, but I’m a old man. so need to make sure this is for sure what i want…


    I’m made up my thread is helping people! One of my mates is about to book a consultation. He’s been waiting till he gets some leave from the forces, he can’t wait for it.
    You’ve had an amazing treatment Leonan! Yours looks so real!
    I wouldn’t say it hurt Tdogg. It’s more of an irritation. I sat through 7hrs for one of my treatments, no problem. I was obviously tired at the end, but it’s nowhere near as painful as a normal tattoo.
    The more time you sit on the fence, the more time you go through your life having to look at someone in the mirror that you don’t like. My family and friends have seen the change in me since this treatment, and like I’ve said before, I cannot recommend it enough. I was scared beforehand it wouldn’t suit me, or it was too good to be true, like most things, but just look at my pics and of the other guys on here. Get it done and start liking yourself again!


    Sorry Pebbles, I only just saw your comment. I live in Wigan if that’s any good to you? I’m not in Liverpool very often, but would be happy to meet you for a chat if you like?

    I don’t fancy giving my number out on an open forum, but email me and we can sort something if you like?



    Ur testimonial convinced me the most to book in with skalp mate
    Am totally made up ! marcin the “magician” lol



    Hey Michael, I have to say much like MartP above, your work is probably what convinced me to go with SMP – not only SMP but Skalp and Marcin in particular 😉

    One of the absolute best examples, looks flawless.

    Did you end up getting a Bald Eagle by the way, or stick with your existing shaver?


    Bang tidy

    Looks great MartP, hairline looks great and i like the scars you left in

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