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    Hi everybody, just thought I’d join the forum and share my experience…
    Firstly for me the hardest part of this whole experience was actually shaving my hair off as I’ve been hiding under Toppik for the last 8 years, so on my way into London I popped into some back street “Iranian” barbers…. After pacing up and down outside the barbers for atleast 20 mins I walked in and said “shave” it off…. Was pretty gutted when I was watching him clipper as my frontal hairline was a lot worse than I thought, I new my crown was virtually non existent!! 🙁
    Paid my £5 and rushed back to my car.
    After examining my head using the mirror and my I phone I realised my head actually was quite a normal shape and was a lot smaller than thought… Good news!

    Finally got to Harley st bang on my 1:30 appointment time, ended up being 15 mins late though after hunting for parking.
    Ollie was Brilliant, ultra reassuring and happy to answer any of my million questions about SMP!
    It was decided we use a 22 ink which maybe a little dark for most first session but I asked Ollie if we could go as Dense as possible for first session as I was going on holiday and may not be back for 2nd session for atleast 6 weeks, so he was gonna try and make it as realistic as poss after 1 seshion…. I’ll let pics do the talking….
    Regarding pain, it was more painful than it’s perceived to be on most of these SMP forums, at the temples equally as painful as any normal tattoo, once the hairline was created though. It wasn’t so bad!!
    Thanks Ollie, I think you’ve do a great job, really pleased with hair line, far better than ANY hairline I’ve ever had before, even when I was 12 🙂

    If any off you guys are hiding under Toppik like I was, get this treatment done, I feel free and not scared of rain anymore!!


    Pic after 1 week, on holiday!
    Really happy!


    looks excellent dav1
    is that still after 1st treatment


    Yep…. Just one session so far!! 🙂


    Wow hope mine looks as good as that after the 1st treatment next week

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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