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    Hi there. We’ll this company kept popping up on my Facebook page. .. maybe a hint 😉 I am 48 and have some male pattern baldness occurring at the front left and right. I cover and blend it in with kohl pencil and it does the trick. .. just. I am interested in this procedure and wondered if anyone that’s only lost small parts of hair has done this and if so how?


    I lost pretty much all of my hair on the top, just had hair left round the sides and back, they fill in any bald areas and blend it into your remaining hair if that’s what you mean bronx


    Best people to ask is the Skalp guys bronx, maybe have a consultation. I had no hair on top so they filled that in and like Lucky33 says blended into the hair I had left on the sides and back.


    Yes consultation is the way to go. It’s a really nice easy in formal experience and you can ask all the questions you need too. The big thing for me was there was no pressure put on you to go ahead.


    I lost most of my hair on top so can’t comment on your first question.

    Deffo go for a consultation as the skalp guys are very helpful but mostly very genuine.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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