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    So I had my first treatment done with Jason in London at 2pm today and…

    I’m very fucking happy!

    Trust me, I must have bitten all of my fucking nails off in fear last night, worrying that it was going to look awful, even thinking that I could just not turn up today and write the money off at worst case scenario. But then I took a picture of the back of my head and my ugly horse shoe and this was enough to cajole myself into keeping the appointment today.

    First things first, THE HAIRLINE: This is the area that I was/am most concerned about and despite the fact that I was obviously a pain in the ass about it, Jason was very patient and understanding. Jason drew the white line on my head of where he felt it should be and didn’t get pissed off with me when I scrubbed it out and drew it on myself a little further back. I’m sure that I would get away with and suit the line that he proposed, it’s just that I want mine to be the most conservative, undetectable SMP in the history of all mankind. Once we had that settled, Jason had a look at what colour ink to use (he suggested 16 which I thought sounded fine) and then went to work!

    I was in the chair for about two hours and fifteen minutes in total (with a quick 2 minute stop for a wee) and I have to be honest, it hardly hurt at all – I’d say a 3.5 out of 10 perhaps. The time went quick and we had a good chinwag about the usual topics that men in their late 20s early 30s talk about…

    With one treatment down I’m a very happy guy. I know that it’s going to fade a little but with two more to go to get things perfect, I really do feel like this is going to be life changing for me and really will renew my confidence. I’ve been such an SMP forum trawler over the past year, agonsising over whether I should go through with it or not, and now I won’t have to worry anymore. I went for the finance option too – GBP 130 pcm for the next two years seems a small price to pay for the way I’m feeling right now.

    Hopefully the pictures should be attached below: FYI head is shaved down to zero with a Wahl Balding Clipper


    Looks a good result Loverrug0

    I bet your glad you went through with it now.

    I booked in mid June and must admit I ll probably be feeling the same as you did last night as the day comes nearer.


    It looks completely natural, Im glad your happy can i ask? why did you feel the need to still go out wearing a cap Ive just had a really close look at your pictures after the 3rd treatment and it looks amazing. Im having my treatment soon it would be nice to hear from you.


    Thanks @Tony1312 – I wore my cap as the treatment had only been done 6 hours previously and was a little red/sore and I didn’t want to expose my freshly pricked scalp to the London smog and dust until it’s had a chance to settle down. Once I took it off in the pub I didn’t give it a second thought and focussed my attention on how crap England played.


    Coming along nicely that is love rug0. I can see why you are very happy.


    Very natural looking treatment. No one will have a clue that’s not real hair. Great job.


    For someone who is only ever negative on this forum strouse and thinks smp isn’t for you because everybody thinks you look great bald, you certainly love visiting here 🙂


    the hairline should be no lower than you top frown line. so if his was any lower it would look unnatural
    it looks fine to me


    So I saw my Gran and Aunty for the first time since the treatment this weekend and upon seeing me without my cap on they said sincerely, “thank god you never went and got that silly tattoo thing done on your head, it looks perfectly fine and you really should grow it some more”.

    I was so chuffed and relieved that I ended up telling them that I had in fact had the treatment done and they were totally amazed and couldn’t believe it. Both stood over me and gave my head a thorough inspection.

    Do think I might give the electric razor a go though, any recommendations?

    Finally, @strouse I have no idea what planet you’re on, hairline 2 inches above the eyebrows! You’re having a laugh mate and all I can say is thank god you weren’t doing my treatment. As it happens, I wanted a high receded look as that is what suits my face shape best. Thanks for the concern though 🙂


    almost as pointless as reading a forum about a treatment that you don’t think that you need and then slating the people that are on it, right? 🙂

    I’m intrigued about your cookie cutter magic formula for a “natural, youthful hairline”, though. You seem very sure about your measurements, which means that we can only assume that you’ve carried out some in-depth survey on a load of youthful lads down at the skate park and got them to all put three fingers on their foreheads to ascertain exactly where their hairlines are in order to come up with it 🙂

    Anyway, as far as I’m aware, this forum is supposed to be a positive place where we can support and encourage those who have had or are considering having the treatment, so let’s nip the negativity in the bud and leave it at that.

    The beauty of SMP is that it’s totally subjective and not everyone wants it to be so obvious. My horseshoe bald spot is no longer there and that’s all that I wanted really.


    Just a quick note to say that I had a 4th treatment today just to fill in a tiny area that hadn’t held so well. It literally took about 30 mins and I really must thank Jason for being so cool about it. It also makes me really pleased that I opted to go with Skalp over HIS. HIS quoted me for 2 x treatments whereas Skalp came in cheaper for 3 x treatments and the 4th that I’ve just had today was covered by my guarantee. Overall, I’m really chuffed with the service that I have received from Skalp and really happy with how my treatment is looking!

    Here’s a pic:


    Looking nice and natural loverug0.

    I can vouch that Skalp look after their clients very well.


    Nice hairline and looks very natural.


    Just thought that I’d post a quick update as it’s been a couple of months since I went under the tiny dot machine.

    I’m still chuffed to fuck with it and my confidence has gone from mid-table mediocrity to pushing for a top 4 champions league spot.

    I saw my mum for the first time since I’ve had the treatment and also two friends that I’ve known for 20 years and no one called me out on it. After a whole day spent with my Mum and her not saying a word, I actually ended up telling her! She still couldn’t believe it and had a proper good look at my head. No one believes me that I’m nearly 33 and apparently I look no older than 28/29 and that’s all down to the treatment and the new spring that it’s put in my step.

    Here’s a new pic after a shave with my trusty balding clippers. I’m sticking with them for the time being but I do have to shave every day with them for it to look pristine (although I’m lazy and go for every other day more often than not and still no one has said anything – and the bitchy gay fella who I work with would definitely not hold back if he spotted something like that).


    Bloody hell that blend is perfect, no wonder nobody can tell you have anything done, looks amazing loverug0

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