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    I’ve been suffering from hair loss since my early 30s progressing to my first photo circa 2009. At that point I’d pretty much given up the ghost until I started researching hair transplants.
    Long story short, I had FUT in Canada with pretty good results compared to what I’ve seen. When I grew my hair long it looked almost like a full head of hair. My hair is coarse, thick and wavy so lended well to the illusion.
    With transplant came the meds, finasteride and minoxidil to hold on to my remaining hair.
    Fast forward to today and although I should be pleased with what I have left, and I am, but on stopping the meds for a while I saw progression of loss in the top and crown area. I’ve since jumped back on the meds to halt the loss.
    This has left me tied to meds, at least one with significant side effects and restricted with having to keep my hair longer than I want and styled in a way that hides the weaknesses on the mid vertex section. In harsh light my hair looks thin and quite frankly, I want it short and I know I’m fighting a losing battle.
    My options, another expensive hair transplant, continue meds or see if I’m a candidate for SMP. I have the usual FUT scar, a weaker left side to my hairline and hopefully the photos will show the weaker top area.
    Oh and I know my hair loss compared to what it was back in 2009 is a damn sight better and I fully appreciate there are many who are in a far worse situation.
    Grateful for any views to see if SMP to beef up my bonce and letting go of these meds and this (really) bad guy 80s haircut is the way to go!


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