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    Hello I’ve had micropigmentation done by skalp couple years back. The results still look great. But I’m thinking of going for a fue transplant. Just wondering if anyone has had it done while having micropigmentation done on there scalp beforehand​?


    So having had SMP all over your scalp, you now want your scalp pierced a few thousand times to implant hairs?! Mate, I’m baffled as to why you want to do this so it will be interesting to hear from others who may have done this.
    FUE has a medium success doesn’t it? Have you seen Wayne Rooney’s barnet and no doubt he’s spent tens of thousands on that thing as well.

    Personally, if it’s not broken don’t fix it.


    Micropigmentation isn’t hair though. And I think everyone on here would like a full head of hair. I might not get it done but just seeing if anyone has.


    Sorry but i wouldn’t get a transplant even if they paid me, looked into transplants before getting smp and the results looked horrific, takes a 2 second search and you will find 1000’s of unhappy transplant patients, not only would you get 10% of the amount of hair they tell you are going to get, you also get scars even with fue, don’t think i have ever seen a good one, if the transplant result happens to look ok they are 100% using hair fibres to make it look thick enough, which kind of defeats the point, which is to forget about hair loss, trust me stick with smp


    Hi there I’m new to smp and am about to book my first appointment , I had a fue procedure done 4 years ago, the results were ok for what I had done which was the front hairline and a quarter way up to the crown , the problem I have found with fue is that once you do go down that road , you need to have large pockets . And the more you chase your hairline , the more scarring it will leave. I had 3 years where I regained my confidence , but as my hair loss continued I realized that I would never regain what I once had. It’s true that hair fibers are needed to get that fuller looking main. The question is this …do you want to be constantly worried about the way your hair looks….the maintenance that will be needed with hair fibers, hoping they haven’t moved out of place , going on holiday and not being able to jump in the pool? Although I don’t regret having it done , I realised having it became more of a burden than going bald the first time . I’m not trying to put you off, and if you feel like it’s what you want , then go for it, I’m just telling you how I felt at the time 🙂


    Hi Mahoo,
    Thinking about the same combination (FUE/SMP) here. The difference with just having an FUE transplant is that you when you start with SMP, you will probably only need one little FUE transplant to ‘cover’ most of your scalp. Haven’t got neither of them done yet. Maybe Scalp has had clients who’ve had this combination? @Mahoo, would you mind posting a picture of how your SMP looks at this moment?


    I am about to ask for the same question. I too want to know if anyone does both the combination. If so how it worked?


    I had some FUE done by Dr Farjo (best in the UK) because I had little donor hair so not much choice. It gave me back a bit of a hairline so was good but Dr Farjo himself has had SMP now. Once you have SMP you don’t even notice the hair and you can’t grow it as once you go past a grade 0 or 0.5 max, you’ll see the two as separate from each other. Basically if you have SMP, having FUE is totally pointless waste of Money in my opinion but if you want expert opinion book a consultation with him. They are very reputable and he is a nice guy. I’ve dealt with them over a few years and highly recommend

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