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    I suffer from full Alopecia meaning I have pretty much no hair on my head whatsoever. I can no longer grow side burns and have very patchy facial hair.

    I’m seriously considering SMP but am worried it may look even worse than it does now.

    Most people that suffer from hair loss do at least have the horse shoe effect whereby they still have a bit of hair around the sides and back of their head.

    I’ve seen SMP results here and have noticed the treatment blends in with people’s existing hair around their back and sides and it looks good.

    However, my major concern is in case it looks too “flat” and obvious on my head due to my Alopecia. Like everyone else, I’m after a natural look

    I’d appreciate any advice regarding my circumstances and have attached some photos.

    Many thanks


    Attached photo added


    Hi Mate, it won’t make a difference to the end look just because you have alopecia, you will just need more doing on the sides and back, probably even easier for them as they won’t need to blend it with existing hair.


    Hey magpie!

    Smp will suit you for sure,and they will blend it in perfectly as skalp are pros!!

    Before I got smp done I never wanted to wet shave as I thought It would just look too flat etc I was always hoping that I can get away with 0.5 or 1 grade shave and I CAN , but smp just looks so much better when I wet shave 🪒 💪 ! So in regards to you concern that it would look flat- Smp is made to look better flat.

    Hope this helps and good luck!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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