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    Just wanted to share my experience about getting my smp done. Just finished my third session 2 days ago. Live in Greece so was quite the journey, but wanted to go with the best, and felt skalp was that after doing my research. Got mine done in manchester, where my treatment was done by marcin, as I specifically requested him as I felt all his result that is saw online where just excellent. And luckily he did not disappoint, he’s truly great at what he does, extremely patient and detail orientated, and just a perfectionist in everything he did with me (color, hairline, density). Could not be more pleased at the moment!

    Did 3 sessions, 1 session looked good enough for me to go out without a cap.Looks great after the second session, so was not sure what would improve, but third was really icing on the cake, and made a big difference in making it perfect.

    Any question people might have feel free to ask, and will post pictures later.


    Get the pictures up! Marcin seems to have a lot lf people travelling into see him from other countries!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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