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    I’m booked in for a consultation next week and I’m pretty nervous about it. Going to take two weeks off on the sick if I go ahead with the treatment. A few things still play on my mind though. Maybe I’m over thinking it? I’ll leave that to you guys to decide but go ahead and tell me if you think I am haha
    Shine: Is the shine that much of a hindrance? Does it lessen the realistic effect of SMP?
    Dot size: is the dot size difference between the real hair follicle and smp noticeable up close?
    Fading: when fading occurs and is touched up over the years, does it become a dense mass of colour or do the dots retain their individuality?

    These are the main worries I have with the treatment. One day I’m 100% positive and looking forward to getting it done, the next I’m deciding against it thinking I’ll look like a fool, especially if it gets noticed


    hi and welcome to the scalp forum
    if you go ahead and get this treatment done , you will look back in a few months and wonder why you had any doubts ,
    but seriously we all had doubts and worries at first.
    don’t worry about shine , some people shine more than others, and there are lots of good products on the market that will help.
    the dots may appear big at first but they will shrink down and look very natural.
    if you look at my blog (todays the day) you will see all that i have been through.
    however I’m a extreme case due to my bad skin
    I’ve just finished (last thurs) my 5th treatment. about less than 1% are like me and require a bit extra work,
    i suffered a bit of extra fading , but damon in manchester has been superb .and never rushed my treatments
    neither did he gave up on me.
    my scalp was very red after thursdays session. within 48 hrs it was all but gone.
    the practitioner will answer all your worries . and there is no hard sell .
    its just a good pleasurable chat over a cuppa.
    its a great experience.
    most people are complete after 3 treatments.
    my 5th was more like a 3rd, but i can tell a big difference now that I’m 100% finished
    all my treatments were quite long but my scalp does not look painted on, despite all the work carried out
    were are you I’m in wigan .i can meet up with you if you are local

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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