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    I have been looking into this treatment for some time now. One minute I am going to do it, then I change my mind. I am 99% sure I am going ahead.

    Thinking of getting treated around June before I go on holiday early July. Has anybody been on holiday just after treatment or in between treatments?

    Would people recommend I get it done before or wait until I return. Thanks


    Personally i’d leave it until you get back.

    On my treatment after sheet it advised that You can’t go in the swimming pool or sunbathe for a few weeks after the treatment, so its not worth the risk in my opinion.


    Thanks for the reply Baldy01.

    I understand what you are saying. Is it the chlorine thing with the pool? What about swimming in the sea or is it water in general?

    Would wearing a hat or applying sunscreen in those early weeks help?

    Sorry for so many questions.


    The treatments are
    1st treatment followed by 2nd around 7 to. 19 days later
    Then 3rd treatment about a month after 2nd
    After each treatment you can’t
    wash /moisture /shave for at least 4 days
    I reckon a week after 2 nd you should be ok to go away
    But best to keep head covered in the sun just in case if burning
    I’d be tempted not to do a lot if sun exposure till after last treatment
    As regards to swimming pools
    I gave read somewhere on how long you have to leave it , but can’t remember how long it was
    Had my 3 rd almost a month ago
    And may need a 4 th depending on how my bad skin is holding ink
    But I’m glad I’m not getting it done in the height of summer


    Above should have said 7 to 10 days not 19


    Thanks for the detailed answer markyb.


    After reading through your answers and having a phone chat with Skalp I have decided to leave the treatment until I come back off my holidays. I can then concentrate on making sure that I have the right conditions to do this properly and get the best result.


    Sunny I think you have made the right call.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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