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    Hello Guys

    After 2 years of researching and debating, I am so glad I came to Manchester clinic and got this done with Marcin.

    It looks amazing and for me personally it was nearly pain free.
    Marcin and Dean could not have been more friendly, personal, professional and incredible accomdating. My only regret is I waited too long!
    I would definitely suggest this to anybody dealing with baldness who enjoys the buzzed look.
    I was traveling from Birmingham to Manchester, so glad I have done it in Manny 😬
    New Year🍾 – New Hair – No Bald Anymore 👴🏾➡️👦🏾

    Cheers 👊🏼👍🏼



    Still having 3rd session in January
    Can’t wait 😎👌🏼


    Hi Tatu

    Same here mate -lmao 😂

    I had my treatment done in Manchester (am from London) long travelling tho but Worth it!
    Marcin sent me “before and after”.

    I’m a happy man today


    Hi guys I’m still on fence scared to shave hair off tbh, has ay1 said or notice it


    Wow 👍
    What difference, Marcin’s the man


    Redlife end of day just get it done u lurk on ere asking same question lol, I went consultation and booked it next day I’m in tmoz , Shave head right down and just go for it!!!!!!!!! If people could tell obviously other people wouldn’t have it done rite??? just sayin m8


    Red, go for it. Get booked in and gradually shave it down guard by guard. It’ll look ten times better than concealer. As I said before been there done that. I can’t even look at my graduation pics as the concealer looks so bad. Little did I know people were talking about my hair. Now it’s amazing. Totally natural, free from concealer and even feels real. Just the other day people at my work were saying I suit my hair shaved , what’s it like when I grow it ? I said I keep it short as it separates when longer. Nobody and I mean nobody has ever questioned how real it is. The way Skalp do it ,it is so so subtle.


    Ps. Lads above , look great!


    Tatu & Gerol80 your smp looks great, and really suits both of you, it’s amazing how much of a difference smp makes to a persons appearance because it is so subtle yet still so effective in making us look better/younger. You both look excellent, thanks for posting.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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