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    Looking into the SMP procedure it was always a very private matter. The only person I discussed it with was my other half. I never intended to blog about my experience, upload photos or discuss it in any way shape or form. I still plan on keeping my experience private and certainly wont be telling my friends what I have had done. I dare say there will be a couple of my bald mates that will suss something has taken place as we have discussed baldness on many occasions.

    So why have I signed up to the forum? and why am I writing about my experience now. I had my first session yesterday with Jason and I have woke up this morning feeling rather, dare I say it…a bit emotional. When I looked in the mirror I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I had a hairline, yes a hairline !!! It made me look and feel so much younger. I had all the normal reservations like everyone else. Is it going to look natural, blend in with my existing hair etc. The answer is yes.

    I did the research, and I do mean in depth research. Whilst there are numerous so called clinics that offer the procedure in my personal view there were only 3 clinics I was going to consider. HIS, Vinci and Skalp. I met with all three of them. I met with Vinci first and they seemed fine. Very professional and offered sufficient information although slightly lacking photos of the results they have produced. I met with Jason and Ollie at Skalp and found the experience very different. Firstly I was meeting with the actual people who could potentially be carrying out the procedure. They invited me back later that day to speak with a couple of client’s who had already had 2 session’s done. I popped back and spoke with both guys who were very happy with the results. My next appointment was with HIS. I met with the owner (forget his name) nice enough fella and we sat in reception and discussed the procedure and he answered any questions I had.

    I don’t have a bad word to say about any of the clinics I went to see. They were all professional and offered sufficient information. The SMP industry is awash with BS and certain companies pay a lot of money to bad mouth others, write negative reviews etc. I was just as apprehensive as many others and read so many posts on forums and wondered who’s were legit. My post isn’t to convince you on what company to use if your are considering the procedure. My advice would be to go and see all three and make up your own mind. What I can say about my personal experience with Jason at Skalp is, I am extremely happy with the results after my first session. He listened to my concerns, listened some more and then listened some more. I showed him the type of hairline I wanted and he went to work. Like I said earlier the procedure is a very personal thing. For me it wasn’t about who has been established the longest or who had the most clinics (at the start it was) but who offered a personal service and how many procedures had the person actually done themselves. I am over the moon I chose Skalp and I would highly recommend Jason.

    For someone who wasn’t going to blog about their experience I dare say my post will probably be one of the longest on here lol. I felt I owed it to other guys who were looking into the procedure and hope my experience will help you decide on getting SMP done.


    Totally no how you feel Daz.


    I am over the moon Tony. I take it you have had it done as well?


    Great read Daz.

    Well done on joining a special crew.


    Nice on daz I totally validate your experience with Skalp they are a great team and transform lives 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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