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    Hi, i just had my 3rd treatment today. Damon has been fantastic. l can’t praise him enough for the great service from start to finish. He was patient, listened to me, answered my questions, explained the process and was great at helping decide on the shape and look etc. I am so glad i did it now. There were some occasions i thought it was too dark after the treatments but it faded nicely after about 5 days. It has been a positive experience and made me feel much better when out and about and at work. My wife and kids are proud too and say i look younger again! Thanks to everyone on the forum for the help and advice i got from seeing your posts.


    excellent news
    will you post pictures.
    I’m booked for consultation on tuesday, excited but worried as well
    where did you go to

    Skalp Manchester

    No worries mate….nothing to be worried about, I am after 3rd treatment and I look 5-7 years younger (and healthier).

    Best “beauty treatment” ever.
    Thats the new me….

    All the best on your lifechanging experience 🙂



    Posts like these really push me towards having it done.


    @Mac – That’s great to hear. People don’t understand that support from the family is very important too. Sounds like you are all very happy 🙂

    @dobiash – great to hear you are happy too. Having a new hairline makes us all feel better.


    Nice one Mac. Great feeling isn’t it once it is finished. Damon explained to me that its a bit of an up and down experience and like yourself you do wonder if it will stay too dark. The good thing it doesn’t and is perfect when finished.

    Great to see you have done the treatment also Dobiash. Having that hairline certainly makes you look younger and welcome to the crew 🙂 Who and where did you get your treatment?


    Excellent for you both. Great feeling to be rid of baldness.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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