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    I am in my early forties and not grey yet but I have typically male pattern baldness. I am think about having this done but slightly worried about what happens when I do go grey? Will it look weird. Like in years to come, you would have a dark brown tattooed area on the top and silver grey on the sides?


    I’d like to no the answer to this too.


    I was told that if you have grey hair that when its shaved you cannot notice this, plus they can blend into this area to give a darker tone to match the surrounding areas.


    Hello Guys,

    CheadleBoy is correct, we match the treatment to your existing hair when shaved, when your hair is shaved it is more of a shade rather than a colour brown/black etc, even a brown/black head of hair will have a slight greyish tone to it when shaved, so it will not make a difference when your hair turns grey.


    Rob72 & Shed7 – I have been shave my hair for years. I didn’t know that I have a lot of white hair until I let them grow for couple days. I am going to have my first and second treatment next month. I take a chance to make myself look a wee bit younger than how I look now.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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