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    Just got back from Edinburgh having had my 2nd treatment. I can only say that if anybody reading this has doubts about the treatment or Skalp I would like to re-assure them that they are in safe hands. Damon has carried out my first two treatments, and I cannot praise him highly enough. From meeting Damon to date, his desire to do things perfect has really impressed me. I feel in safe hands and Damon is a top bloke. My work colleagues even after the first treatment were impressed and i went to work the day after the treatment. My boss even rang me and said the staff said you have hair now whats going on, and I made a joke saying that my hair was now getting in my eyes lol ( she’s confused now) . If anyone is in two minds do it!. This will change your life, believe me. I can guarantee that Damon will tell it like is, and he will not tell you what you want to hear, only his professional opinion from years of experience..


    Glad to hear it’s going well,
    Still on the fence on going for a consultation
    Only came across this site a few days ago,
    Submitted 2 photos the other day and they sent me what it should look like
    Mmmm bit unsure , the top view looked a bit false
    I know most people say you need to see it in the flesh.
    Trying to organise a meet with someone, had a couple of offers so going to try and arrange something,
    I’ve been slave to the hat for over 10 yrs now
    No one but me sees me without it, it’s ruining my life as I don’t go out for meals drinks etc anymore
    I’m still worried that I won’t be able to take it off even when I’ve had it done,


    Honest mate, I had my first treatment and felt ten feet tall, after having my second treatment I now do not consider myself bald anymore lol. You say you don’t go out, thats a shame, but that aint gonna change unless you change, and if you cannot change your mindset having this done will give you a lot more confidence. I have been bald for 20 years, it has not changed me as a person, it has just made me a lot less conscious of having no hair. I have told everybody close to me about the treatment prior to having it done and they think it is great, I travel on the local metro to work everyday and not once has anyone stared at me. Believe me mate, this can help you.


    I know what you say is right
    I’ve been loosing it for probably same amount of time
    Iim like this through my own fault
    Started wearing base ball hat to cover up in the early days when it wasn’t so bad
    Instead of facing it head on,
    Now I can’t do it
    I don’t take it off in the house even in front of the other half
    I don’t talk about it to any one,
    Probably on here is the first time I’ve talked about it
    There’s times I feel like moving away we’re no one knows me and making a fresh start without the hat.
    I know even having this done id be paranoid incase it was noticeable or fading or worse
    I know all this is my own doing ,but it’s the way I’ve made myself


    Great to hear you have joined the club BlackCat. It is liberating when you get this done and I no the 10 foot tall feeling especially after the 2nd treatment. I have my 3rd and hopefully final one this week. Don’t think I need too much done but will leave it to the experts.

    Markyb I think going for a consultation will really help you. The pictures on this forum are great, but I can assure you that In real life it’s much better. Also I had a mock up done and they are just to give you an idea what it looks like, not how it will exactly look. All the best an I hope you find your peace with hair loss.


    Markyb shed7 is right, have a consultation, what have you got to lose, this is ruining your life and you need to take control of things, you will feel completely different about things after this treatment, and there aren’t any alternatives mate, you either become accustomed to your baldness or have this treatment, and I can tell you what the best option is. Tell people if it makes you feel better, all my mates took the mickey, they now can’t believe it.


    One thing I was wondering about
    I know you have to keep it shaved close every few days
    But on what number
    Ie: bare blade or no 1, or 2


    Im gonna wet shave with Gillette fusion mate as I have thick hair at the back, I think it is just whatever you can get to match your appearance and how quick your hair grows. If you shave the night before you got to think what it will be like the next day. Im sure you will find whats best for you. Don’t forget to moisturise lol.


    Sounds like everything went well. Welcome to the club.


    Great to hear all went well for you Black Cat. As the lads said above welcome to the club.


    @ BlackCat – Great to hear somebody else has had the treatment and is a happy as the rest of us. I think having had the treatment myself and also reading the many others who have had this, and also seeing there own photos it really is a no brainer having this done.

    – I have to shave down using either a Electric face shaver or sometimes with a wet shave. Both are a fantastic way to keep the treatment looking good.


    BlackCat before pictures.


    BlackCat after session 2.

    3rd session in a few weeks to deal with any fading and dot shrinkage.

    Enjoy the new look.


    BlacKCat that looks really nice.

    Hairline looks mint and the difference it makes to your overall look is great.


    Thanks Shed 7, look better now the redness has gone down mate.

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