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    Iv had mine done , I have 1 more session in January. . But let me just say this is the best thing any1 could ever recommend. . Derek is amazing he knows how you feel coming in he tells you his own experience he’s one of the lads . And just makes you feel real comfortable whilst you go through the process. Seriously I’m a new man and back to how i use to be . Confidence through the roof .. Thanks to skalp thanks to Derek just wow .. keep your eyes pealed for Derek everyone and just remember the saying … everything’s fine … when you have a hair line 😉


    I have just completed my third session today. I had the treatmet in the Manchester studio. Dean has done an amazing Job and like you i can’tspeak highly enough of the people employed by Skalp.
    He was so precsise in everything he did and his duty of care was admirable. He made me feel at ease from day one which wasn’t easy as i was very nervous. By the third session ( today) i was totally relaxed and looking forward to the morning ahead.
    The result was great and i can’t thank him enough. He is a matercraftsman of his trade. If you have any doubts please don’t just go for it your life and the way you view yourself will be the most positive experience you could imagine.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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