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    I guess this is a bit of a technical question but maybe one of the Skalp guys can answer it and then at least it’s here in the forum for other people to read if they’re wondering the same thing…

    Basically my question is does undergoing SMP impact at all on the ability to undergo hair transplantation at a later date? I’m thinking if (and yeah, I know, it’s a big if!) hair cloning/multiplication becomes a reality somewhere down the line and it’s possible to cultivate enough new hairs to make a transplant procedure feasible for a Norwood 6/7 does having had SMP have any implications? i.e. does it alter the scalp in such a way that it would effect the transplantation of new hairs, or is SMP purely cosmetic without any impact on the scalp’s ability to recieve those new hairs?

    I’m guessing there’s no negative impact of SMP but I’d like to be sure if possible…


    I’ve seen posts on other forums from people who have both and I don’t think they have had problems
    Just do a search on Google


    Thanks markyb, appreciate the reply!


    Hi Guys,

    Good question, Having our treatment done will not affect your existing hair or your ability to have any other procedures in the future, a lot of our clients have had hair transplants in the past and come to us after to get their scars camouflaged and to add density to their existing hair, I can assure you if and when hair cloning does become available you will still be suitable.



    Great, many thanks for the official word – just what I was hoping to hear 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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