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    Wasn’t going to post anything on the forum but as the forum helped me I thought I’d pop a few words and some pictures on here.

    Have just finished my final treatment in Manchester Clinic with Damon and am thrilled with my new look and the experience as a whole.

    It has been smooth from start to finish really. I haven’t had any major issues that some have with fading and with each treatment it has improved. To be honest after the 2nd treatment I was happy enough but on my 3rd treatment lots more was done.

    The treatments have been a real laugh and I’m actually going to miss going in. Plenty of football banter and good music to be had along with some great cups of tea.

    To anybody who wants a new hairline and doesn’t mind shaving then do it.


    Well said
    Damon is a top guy and hd makes a mean cup of tea
    I know what you mean about missing the experience
    I go back in on the 6 th may to check on how my 3 rd is holding up
    May need a 4 th session due to bad skin
    I’m hoping I will need it LOL
    Looking forward to seeing photos


    Good on you Hoops. Had mine in Manchester with Damon and had the same great experience. Look forward to seeing your pictures and how you have changed.


    Got to say the whole experience from start to finish was top class.
    Damon made the whole journey very relaxing .
    Never once was I ever doubting I had made the wrong choice .
    Totally confident in his own ability made me feel great as soon as I met him.
    You can feel he actually cares about his clients. He won’t let you leave if he’s not happy with the results !!
    It’s all about the hairlines and Damon is the Luis Saurez of the SMP world !
    Top class!
    I wake up everyday with a smile on my face and spring in my step !
    Tomorrow I will be watching the footy hoping for a Liverpool victory for Damon.
    I’ll raise my glass as they lift the trophy!
    He has made me so happy with the treatment he deserves all the happiness a premiere title would bring him!!


    Talking about not letting you leave till he is happy.
    After my 3rd session , we had finished and went in the back room for a chat about what he had done, and to take some pics,
    As we were chatting he looked at me and said, just tilt your head a bit. Then he said come on we’re not finished yet , there is a bit on the left that is not straight , you wouldn’t see it but I can , and I’m not letting you go till I sort it,
    It was less than 5 mins to put the few dots in, but he didn’t need to have done that ,as he said I wouldn’t have seen it, then we had to do more photos ,
    This is how professional the guy is, and shows how much pride he takes in his work,
    As well as making a top cup of tea


    Ta for the replies. It really does make this forum feel like a community when everybody is so supportive and helpful.

    I have always found it very difficult to speak to people in my social circles as I felt either insecure or embarrassed about my situation. It wasn’t until I met with Damon that i opened up and it was so good to finally do so.

    Now having the treatment and being able to share my experience is a nice bonus and hopefully it will help others.

    Anyway below are some pictures before the treatment. As you can see I was as bald as a coot. Bad times.


    Next bunch of photos shows what was done on the first treatment.

    As you can see it’s certainly not a finished treatment by all means. I was told that this is like a foundation to see how the ink holds and to give the treatment a shape. Dots were dark very sparse but it was great to have a hairline again.


    I waited 7 days before my 2nd treatment and below are the photos after.

    Difference here was more dots were added to give more density and it made a big difference to the overall look. I suffered with some dry skin so there are areas that are a little sore.

    When I got home after my girlfriend got quite emotional… a good way. I think she could see how important it was too me and could see the change for the better.


    Finally my 3rd and final treatment and the end of a fantastic journey. This treatment was 4 weeks after my 2nd treatment.

    This treatment was to fill in areas of fading and also where the dots had shrunk and opened more space. As you can see the dots have been placed specifically so that when they settle over the next few weeks they will blend in with the dots already there and give an even all round look

    I love everything about my treatment especially my new hairline which is exactly what I wanted. I have been told to let it settle for a month or so and then I have the option to pop into the clinic for an assessment or to pop some pictures via email. I may just pop in for a good cup of tea.

    Anyway I hope you like my pictures and again I hope they help. The pictures I have posted were taken with my Iphone so the quality is not the greatest and it looks far better in real life, but it gives you an idea. Would recommend anybody interested in doing this to meet someone and see it for yourselves.


    looking good hoops.
    the 2nd and 3rd realy make a difference
    hows it holding after the 3rd session. mines a bit lighter now.
    if damon ever quits this job , he would make a good counselor. i never talked to anyone about my hair loss, it was always covered up under my hat for almost 15 yrs
    from first meeting damon i opened up about how i was feeling, and it was like a great a big weight off my shoulders.
    even my other half of 17 yrs never saw me hatless or knew how i felt,
    within the space of a month id talked to her about it talked about all sorts to damon, and started walking around without my hat, slowly at first, but now im not wearing it about 90% of the time.
    big steps for me.
    ill find out in 2 weeks if i need 4th session .if i do i got a couple little areas that id like to add a little bit more,
    but overall its great to have a hairline back and freedom from the slave hat


    Hey Hoops that’s one hell of a detailed write up.

    Great photos and it certainly shows how the treatment takes shape.

    Patience is needed whilst the 3 treatments take shape, but once you get there it really is worth it.


    That’s one of the most informative posts I have read. Thank you.

    Looks great. What a fantastic improvement.


    Great quality photos and blog.

    When that settles it will look mint. Very natural.


    Hairline is looking great !
    Another masterpiece achieved .
    You’ll love it even more when it settled.


    Cheers for the nice comments. Can shave my head tomorrow for the first time after my 3rd treatment. Redness has more or less disappeared now. Will be in work in the morning no problems.

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