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    I noticed after a year or so after completing my scalp treatment i wanted a little change to my hairline. I just wanted to change the shape lightly and make it into slightly more of a V shape. All i can say is I’m so glad i had Antonio and not some other dude at another clinic besides Skalp. Had Antonio not been as good as he is and just purely followed my instructions i would of been very dis satisfied with the final result. Had it of been just up to me i probably would of ruined my hairline. I really gained a lot more respect for Antonio during this treatment as he showed me he has already gained so much experience in creating a SOFT NATURAL HAIRLINE. Especially after a few weeks have passed since my last session the hairline has softened down beautifully and looks genuinely amazing IMO. Also its worth a mention that I’ve had my treatment for over a year now and it hasn’t changed at all in regards of fading, discolouration etc etc. And i work in a gym and am a HEAVY HEAVY sweater. HIGHLY recommend Antonio and wish everyone a successful treatment with Skalp

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