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    Hi guys, good to read all your posts. Im back again. Three months on since my third treatment.
    I have just returned from a holiday in the canaries. I was looking forward to seeing just how my new hair line would go down with my friends. I had not told anyone who I was going with or any of my friends who live in the canaries. Firstly at the airport I met my friends who I had not seen for a few years. At first no one said anything, u til one girl said I was looking really well and I was looking younger. Then one friend said my hair looked a lot better as id let it grow a little. I couldnt lie and had to tell them. They couldnt believe it at first and all kept on touching my head. They all were so impressed.
    on the holiday I did use factor 50 and wore my cap when walking about but on the beach and the pool I did let my head get a bit of colour. I used my clippers on zero every morning and night, I have not shaved yet as I still have quite a lot of hair on the back and sides and it looks quite good.
    well on holiday we went out most nights and I even went to a few night clubs. Something id avoided for a few years as I felt like an old bolding perv stood in the corner, but my confidence has been given such a boost, I was out on the dance floor giving it all the moves without a care in the world. I was actually chatted up a few times each night. I was told I looked about 37 by a few admirers which really gave me a booost as im actually 47.
    every day I was by the pool sunbathing and swimming with the rest. Normally I would sit outside my bungalow and keep myself to myself. I did not realise just how distant id been before treatment. But now those days are
    well behind me. I did meet someone and it looks like we will see each other now were home. But for now im enjoying the new lease of life I have got back.
    To anyone still thinking about this treatment. You will never regret it. Im reliving my youth again and I love it.
    I will put some pics on here in a few days. Damon is sending me my before and after.


    Fantastic that you are enjoying the new look Allan2309 and a bonus that this treatment has given you the confidence to do things. Hope the romance works out for you too, now that’s a real bonus.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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