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    Popped in to see Damon at the Manchester clinic to have my treatment assessed and everything went well and it’s still looking good.

    However he mentioned my head was quite shiny. He recommended some Mattifying Shine Control Papers from Superdrug. They are little but of paper which absorbs the oil which helps the shine.

    They are no miracle cure for shine but they help so much and improves the look of the treatment, especially when you are out and about.

    I use a Mattifying gel which works good but the oil comes through again within a couple of hours. These papers help after that and are quite cheap.


    Never seen them before
    I was in with Damon for a check up 3 week ago and he showed me what he was using
    Use it with a brush
    But there is a flesh coloured talc that’s on the market
    Also normal talc will cut down and shine


    Do you use that Matte Foundation Markyb?

    Any good?


    yes i got some
    its only 3.99 plus around £3 to £4 for a brush
    it does work , not really took much notice how long .
    damon seemed to rate it,
    Im going to order the flesh coloured talc to compare.
    also a bit of normal talc will help keep shine down
    i sometime dab scalp with kitchen roll if i see any bad shine. this also seems to to soak it up
    i think the trick is to try various products to see what works for you
    the matt foundation is from boots / super drug

    Benjamin Kramer

    I was advised by Damon that he uses both the above. I can’t use them for a few weeks whilst my treatment settles but I have bought them both.


    Thanks for this information. I have bought these products and they do help.


    Everbodys probably different but the best for me by far is flesh coloured talc


    I have been trying many different solutions for shine and the best I have found is the Pinaud skin coloured Talc. Also the Matte stuff above is very good also.


    M41 liking your results. Im having my treatment done with Damon in around 5 weeks. Do you think we could we could meet up for a beer in or around Manchester? Cheers

    Paddy O

    Must try some of these.

    Thanks for posting.


    Don’t get too worried about head shine. Even shaved heads of full hair shine.

    Benjamin Kramer

    I agree Geordie80 that shine is just the way it is.

    Think tho of you can matte the shine a little the
    the treatment looks even better.


    Have been using both these products and they are very good.

    Had a problem knowing how much of the matte foundation to put on but thanks to the help of the missus have got it to a T now. Not too much is the way and it gives a nice matte finish.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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