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    I am very interested in getting this procedure done. Initially I was very apprehensive but after seeing the pictures I am now more confident this will suit me. My wife isn’t so keen as she feels I look fine the way I am and trying to recreate my youth is silly?

    For me this would make me feel better about myself and also make look younger. Personally I think you only live once so why is it so wrong? Women can have boob jobs, face lifts, tummy tucks etc so why can’t men improve themselves.

    Has anyone else had to convince a partner?


    I was the same, i realy wanted it done but my partner said im fine how i am and that they likes my balding head? Why? Ha

    Anyway i put it off, we broke up a few months later and now i have had the treatment 🙂

    I think its pretty hard for someone to know how you feel unless they are in the same position. Try and compare it to something your wife wishes she could change about her self.


    Thank you for your answer CK.


    My partner was totally supportive but my mates thought I was mad, about a month after having it done, one mate came up to me and shock my hand and apologised for doubting the treatment. Ive have only ever had good positive feed back, and no one has ever spotted it for themselves.

    It has made me soo much more content with myself, no longer do i get that slight sinking feeling in my stomach when i looked in the mirror and notice my baldness lol

    It is a genuine relief



    This treatment is for you and not your Partner. If its going to make you feel better then your Partner should support you. People who don’t suffer from hair loss cannot understand the affect it has, and when a solution such as this becomes available it changes your life.


    Yup! Baldy01 you are right about that! They don’t understand! I just decided to get it done for myself! I am more happy now. Cheers!


    Mate you had it done for yrself !
    Don’t care what others think !
    Looks like she’s history now anyway !
    You’ll be fighting the birds off with yr new hair over Christmas !


    Hi guys , I think this has to be done for your self , it’s amazing transformation and changes the way you think and feel about your self a journey in its self . So for a partner it may be a challenge as you change in your self as Damon changes your baldness . I personally have noticed the inner change that has come from the outer change that Damon has done as a great practisoner . Louis

    Ben Dover

    I’m in the same boat as TonyC but it’s not a partner but my parents. I’m 24 and still live at home and have broached the subject of getting this treatment done. My Dad especially has been very negative saying grow some balls and just accept your hairloss.

    My Dad is bald but is from a generation of comb overs and when a skinhead was frowned upon.

    Hairloss has been a real downer to me as started losing it quite early at 18.

    The problem with my parents is not so much there negativity but that I would need to borrow part of the money off them and they have said they won’t lend it me.

    Any advice?


    As all of the guys have said before. This is a treatment to do for yourself and no one else. Losing our hair is a real nightmare and its sad that you are not getting the support you deserve. I would take your partner to a consultation and let them meet others who have had it done.


    Thanks for all your answers and help.

    My missus has decided to come with me for a consultation and ask a few questions herself. We had a long chat over the New Year and she can see hair loss bothers me and is ready to support me over this.

    Hopefully the consultation goes well? The good thing I can then see it in the flesh as I have been told I will meet with the Practitioner and maybe see someone who has had the treatment too.

    Looking forward to it.

    Ben Dover

    Glad to hear that your partner is supporting you TonyC.

    I’m trying to talk my parents into it but it might take a bit more convincing but I think they are slightly warming to this as they have seen the quality of the treatments on here.


    Hey @BenDover if you think about it then your parents should pay, it came from their faulty genes! Good luck keep working on them……………………………


    Thats great news TonyC. Glad to see you partner is at leas willing to help you to look into this treatment. I have no doubt once she see’s it in real life she will be fully supportive.

    …..I like that faulty genes reasoning 🙂


    haha faulty genes from the parents. Think i will send a bill to them now for the payment I made. Doubt i will get much luck tho.

    All the best TonyC with the consultation.

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