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    How long is it supposed to last before you need to touch it up again??

    I’ve seen other providers saying there’s is a one time procedure that never fades.



    everyone is different
    depends on how you look after it , also how your immune system reacts to it.
    you need touch ups every so often.
    I’ve heard from 12 months to six years before you need them ,
    so as i say everyone varies
    using harsh moisturisers with high alcohol content and lots of unprotected sun exposure will fade it quicker .
    you are guaranteed for 12 months . so any fading issues will be sorted in that time scale.
    anyone who says they can complete it in one procedure. or that it nerve fades should be avoided at all costs


    I looked into this one application smp that supposedly last forever. There is very little follow up information to see if this really is the case. I prefer this type of application which has plenty of history and plenty of forum information from clients over a number of years.

    If I need to get a touch up to the treatment every couple of years then I’m fine with that.


    the reason 1 application smp is not a good idea is
    the first session is just a foundation and to create hairline.
    the second session a week later adds density and can address any fading or colour issues. may need to go darker /ighter
    and the 3rd sesssion a month later also addresses any fading colour or adjustment areas.
    doing a full treatment in one go could spell disaster if it fades a lot as there would not be a lot of skin left to fill in.
    and then there is the pain and time taken to do it. my 4th session was 4 hrs last week. and that’s on top of the other 3 sessions .
    it might seem a good idea to have an all in one session but in the long run it could turn in to a disaster
    this SMP may take a bit longer. but as the guinness adverts say


    Well if they have a 10 year guarantee…..why you on here? You only spout negativity on here which is fine, but after a while you wonder why you keep coming back if there is nothing positive.

    I did my research thoroughly and for me Skalp came top in most of what I was looking for and I had my treatment. It’s not just about longevity of the ink, it’s also the quality of the work/finish and the quality of the company/practitioners. There’s an open forum allowing for critique of work which is very important.


    I was told between 2-5 years until I will need it touched up. That’s cool by me.


    I knew from the start that at some stage I will need to go back in the future to have what they call a touch up. If I get a good couple of years then that’s fine, if I get more great. It also doesn’t cost as much for the touch ups which is a bonus.


    Think it’s £250 per hour for any further work out of warranty


    I’m just over 1 year since I have had my treatment.

    I have had 4 treatments to get where I wanted to be and it’s holding well. The final treatment was just before my warranty ended and it was just for some fading on my crown.

    The timescale I was advised was 3-5 years before I may need to get it touched up.

    That’s all good with me.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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