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    Benjamin Kramer

    Since I found out about this treatment i have read nearly every post and diary on this and other sources.

    What confuses me is how many treatments I will need to achieve the final look.

    One website claims as little as one but there is no proof it works long term. On here it seems to be 3-4 and on another site I have read people say they needed more.

    Is there a reason why there is such a big difference?


    I have been told everyone needs 3 and may need a 4th if any skin issues.

    Benjamin Kramer

    My skin is good if I do say so myself. Hopefully will only need 3 then.


    So far I have had just 2 treatments. My last one was about 6 weeks ago and it’s held extremely well so I have decided to postpone my 3rd until it’s really needed. Most people on here need 3 treatments over the period of about a month. I have heard of a minority needing. 4th treatment normally due to bad skin. Would recommend you moisturise the skin before you go ahead so it is in good condition.


    Skin condition is really important when it comes to how many treatments you will need, how much you bleed is another factor.
    Everybody will need 3 treatments but I have read of the odd case where skin has been an issue and further treatment is required.
    To everyone who is thinking of getting this done, make sure you moisturise the skin for a number of weeks before. Also shave to the desired length regularly as this also helps the skin get used to shaving.


    I had 3 treatments and 8 months later it’s still looking good. I will be popping in after the summer to get it assessed just in case another treatment is needed. I was told if it requires any further work then no problems.


    I had 4 treatments and I am now looking hairy :O)

    The first 3 held great but I had a few little areas that faded and the 4th finished it off.


    Hi Ben I see your from stoke any chance we could meet up
    I’m in stoke and thinking of having the treatment


    andy I’m in wigan
    could meet up if you want

    Benjamin Kramer

    Andy I’m actually from a little town near Stoke called
    stone. Happy to meet. Drop your email on here and we can arrange something.


    Hi Ben
    Thanks for the reply I know stone if you could
    Give us bell and meet that would be great .
    Cheers Andy 07795511119

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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