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    Have just come across this company and this treatment and I’m intrigued. The treatments on this forum look very good and the people who have had it seem very happy. It almost seems too good to be true that a tattoo can be made to look like hair, but I will admit it does from the pictures posted.

    I am bald on top with hair on sides and back so how much would that cost? Thanks


    HI Tony,

    I actually thought the same as you “if something is to good to be true, then it probably is” BUT after seeing the treatment in the flesh i actually went ahead with it, I’m now over a week post 2nd treatment and i am still over the moon, i do have some noticeable fading and need a 3rd session but this is normal and all covered by the one off price.

    With regards to your question about cost, prices range from £2500 to £3000, based on your description i think you would probably be closer to the £2500 mark, see this link which explains the pricing better:

    Treatment Cost

    If you send a few pictures to you will receive a price tailored to your individual needs, also they can photoshop your pictures to give you an idea what you would look like after the treatment, although this is to be used just as a guide.



    Thanks for the answer ck.


    CK is spot on.


    I was quoted £2500 + VAT. I have no hair on top and only on sides and back.

    Worth every single penny.


    2500 is nothing when you consider how much people pay for (bad) transplants this is a much better solution. I hope you go for it. My mock up was nowhere near what I wanted by by that time I was really intrigued. Obviously people are different ages and not everyone will go for a teenage hairline I went for a slightly receded hairline and we decided to leave my small childhood scar on the side to keep it really authentic nobody has even noticed much difference unless I point it out I’m pretty sure they’ll twig by the next visit on Wednesday I wouldn’t feel embarrassed though. Good Luck with your decision

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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