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    Well, that’s me booked in with Marcin. The one thing I wanted to ask the guys who’ve had this done. How short do you have to go at the sides? Does is have to be shaved to blend in with the top, or can you keep a slighly “longer” stubble look? Difficult question to answer I know, but what’s everyone’s gut feel?

    I normally shave the sides at the moment with the guard off my clippers. Would that do to blend in?


    Hi mod welcome to the forum .
    You have to keep it shaved in to get the best results.
    I use a Braun 7 face shaver it gives a result of between a clipper and a bic so you get a nice rough stubble effect.
    Any growth of length on sides could give you a crusty the clown look.
    As the ink is flat as apposed to the hair which is 3D.
    You won’t regret it best thing ever


    If you have very little if any hair on top then it really has to be Wet Shave or Electric Face Shaver.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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